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long story short, I live in Oregon and had visited Washington and was slipped some kind of synthetic lsd and woke up in jail with a mistameanor criminal trespass. Problem is. I was released and went to the initial court date and was told to plead not guilty and to set up Council for a later date. When I went to set up Council I had no identification so I couldn't turn in my packet I needed to fill out to get Council. Any way I returned to my family in Oregon (pregnant wife and kids). Now my court date was arriving I had no way to get to Washington so I called the clerk and told her u could not make it. I asked if I could transfer it here or pay fines. She said I had to appear. Now I have a fta. Im at stay at home dad and my wife works. Any advice to this?
Hire a Washington Attorney to recall the bench warrant and to represent you for your WA case.
I never finished my classes but i did jail time and payed my fines!
Assuming you are now in fact an Oregon resident, your best bet is to visit a full-service Oregon DMV with proof of that...
I was released with out seeing a judge and didn't have to post any bail, upon release they said I'd be contacted in 1-2 weeks ,that was in August, I still haven't heard from them.
Try to check the states public docket for any warrants. Even if charges were delayed they should have been filed by now....
the DUI I got is a misdemeanor, I hit a unoccupied parked car.I had permission to travel and I was cited and released from jail in CA and reported the arrest to my P.O. immediately upon return to Oregon.I haven't had any police contact or violations in the 9 months I've been on post prison supervision.waiting for my P.O. to get back in the office but I am expecting her to arrest me.
You'll want to talk to an OR attorney about whether you will be revoked. I'd also advise you to contact a CA DUI...
I am doing a background check for a new job and although I have done many of these without a problem, this one is requiring I give exact dates. I don't remember this and when I called the Courthouse they had no record, I don't come up in PACER and I even paid to do several online background checks and nothing. If I cant come up with the right dates it might cost me the job. Why can I not find a record of this anywhere?
You could be the luckiest guy in the world... Maybe it disappeared! Unfortunately, DUIIs in Oregon are on your record...
I was told, by an attorney, that a third conviction for dui would revoke my license forever. No felonies, and the 3 were not in ten years. Yes I have quit drinking, this is a 7 year old case, I ceased drinking 2 weeks after the ticket, and since then I have taken 3 va provided substance abuse programs, and almost every other self help course in the va system.Thanks Doug
If you cannot invalidate a prior conviction and you are convicted of a third DUII in Oregon, one of the mandatory...
I just want to get it cleared up, I am shocked about the lifetime suspension aspect. I will save other questions for another time.Thanks,Doug
Yes, in Oregon the suspension for someone's third conviction for a duii is a lifetime suspension - meaning you cannot...