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  • Black Heart Bart wins Caulfield Group 1

    Saturday Sep 24 | via Yahoo! 

    Black Heart Bart has continued his march towards a spring carnival appointment with Winx in winning the Group One Underwood Stakes at Caulfield. Expected to be given his chance against Winx in next month's WS Cox Plate, Black Heart Bart eased some doubts about his middle-distance prowess with a clear-cut win.


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Caulfield Law

A friend got a DWI in state of wa.he did 8 months.he is suspended. He got stopped in mo. What will happen?
Moved from Washington to Missouri. Got out of jail November .
What was he stopped for? Speeding? DUI? The answer to your question of "what will happen" also depends upon whether...
What might be the consequences of second DUI? Won dmv hearing, within 5 years of first offense.
Hello, Located in Missouri. Two years ago I was found guilty for my first dui(bac). Earlier this year I was pulled over for a minor speeding in a friends car. Alchohal was barely over and I got under at the police station. Recently found out a few days ago that I won my dmv hearing to keep my license. I now have the other court for this case in two weeks. Worst case scenario, what might I be facing as consequences with my license. Is it possible I still can lose my license for 5 years? Going to talk to my lawyer a little about it in the next few days before the final court.
It sounds like you have a lawyer already. Please ask these questions of your lawyer. If your lawyer does not know...
How long can a license be suspended because of a DWI
Just curious been a long time since I got it and never reinstated my license
The following is the authorized lengths of suspension/revocation pursuant to Missouri DWI law (this does not include...
How can I beat a DUI charge when the only thing that was in my system was medications the d
I was eating a burger at Sonic the cop pulled up behind me he got out of the car they made me do a breathalyzer then took me for blood test and the only thing that shows up in my system is the medicine from the doctor
There is not enough information here to answer your question. You should not post more information because it may...
What are the possible outcomes of a possession of marijuana and paraphernalia charge? And what should we do?
Hello, my fiancé was given a ride home from babysitting by some "friends" tonight. They started speeding, were pulled over, and as it turns out one of them had marijuana. Now my fiancé has two citations; one for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, two possession of up to 35grams of marijuana. What are the possible outcomes to these sorts of charges and what should we do? Would they ever even believe she wasn't involved with the drugs, even if the rest of the people in car made it plain she wasn't involved? Many Thanks and God Bless
The possible out come is a sentence of up to one year in jail on each charge and up to a $1000.00 fine on each. This...
Will I fail my drug test with my DJO and will I go to juvy because of it?
I smoked marijuana on Friday last week and I've been doing everything I can to drop clean . If I drop dirty , will I go to juvy ?
It sounds like you know you are going to drop dirty because you just posted that you used marijuana. As for the...
My cousin was in an accident. She stated she was intoxicated. No arrest, but charged with DUI and reckless driving.
As states above, she was drunk and hit another car. Both taken to the hospital for minor injuries. No arrest was made, but yet they charged with DWI and Reckless Driving. Issued a temp license. What does this mean and what happen from here? Thanks for any help!!
Your cousin should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately Trouble is headed in your cousin's...