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Is it legal to suspend my license for refusal to submit alcohol or drug test by blood for littering and crossing the center line
I was recently pulled over for littering and crossing the center line the police officer asked me was I on disability I said yes and then she asked me did I take medication I said yes and she asked me to do the eye test the walk the line test and stand on one knee test and I pass and then she still took me down to the station to draw some blood and I Frefused now they are trying to suspend my license is this legal I was recently pulled over for littering and crossing the center line the place officer ass me was at on disability I said yes and then she asked me that I take medication I said yes and she asked me to do the eye test, the walk the line test and stand on 1 knee test and I passed and she still makes me go to the station an tries to draw blood and I refused is this legal
If you refused to give a sample as requested then the DoR will attempt to suspend your license. You need an attorney...
How long can a license be suspended because of a DWI
Just curious been a long time since I got it and never reinstated my license
The following is the authorized lengths of suspension/revocation pursuant to Missouri DWI law (this does not include...
My cousin was in an accident. She stated she was intoxicated. No arrest, but charged with DUI and reckless driving.
As states above, she was drunk and hit another car. Both taken to the hospital for minor injuries. No arrest was made, but yet they charged with DWI and Reckless Driving. Issued a temp license. What does this mean and what happen from here? Thanks for any help!!
Your cousin should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately Trouble is headed in your cousin's...
Will I still be charged for a dui?
I was arrested last night under suspicion of DUI. When I was released this morning, they didn't give me a ticket/citation or say anything about a court date. I've called the municipal court and the gentleman that I spoke with said that he didn't see anything for me in the system. This is my first offense and I'm not quite sure how these things work. Any advice would be great!
In the event you are going to be charged, it is not uncommon for the criminal summons to be mailed to you. In the...
I am being charged with a DWI in Missouri. Can the Nolle of charge they're offering me be prosecuted in the future?
I am being charged with a first offense DWI in Missouri. The deal they are offering me is the following: Defendant to successfully complete, through EMass, Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP), Victim Impact Panel (VIP), 24 hours community service. State will request Court to continue case until December 31, 2016. Upon successful completion of conditions and no other criminal violations, State will Nolle current DWI charge. Wouldn't this Nolle be allowed to be prosecuted in the future if the state wanted? Is there some other type of way the case can be ended that would be more like an acquittal (where it can't be prosecuted again), but part of a deal before trial?
Please talk to your attorney. Without knowing the evidence, that offer is very good. Yes, you may be re-charged if...
What is the best way to beat a dwi ?
4dwi. No field test no breath test no blood test blacked out due to health reason and run into ditch. No one hurt.
You need to hire the best DUI lawyer you can afford to represent you, as soon as possible.
What do i need to do if my license was revoked in illinios 18 years ago and i live in missouri now
I had my first dui in 97 and second in 98 both in illinios i did the 70 hrs alcohol classes because my license was revoked during my attempt to get them back i had moved to missouri missouri gave me a number for illinios to call and they said i owed 790 in lee county illinios from 1997 i didnt know anything about that but they said all i need to do is pay it and im good togo well that just seems to easy
You need to resolve the Illinois issue - plain and simple. But get everything in writing.