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Is a second Felony DUI a wobbler?
I had a felony dui injury and now got arrested for a second Dui. They filed it as a felony. Is that a wobbler?
You need to speak to your lawyer about this. You really need a lawyer.
Is there a statute of limitation for not completing a dui program ?
was convicted and had to attend a dui program ect. but never attended any or paid any fines this was about 8 years ago
Statute of limitations has nothing to do with your situation. If you never completed the terms of your DUI probation,...
Tengo dudes sobre la sinceridad de mi abogado ya e pagado mas de 15 mil dolares y hace 6 meses estoy deportado vivo en Tijuana
Quisiera saber si yo pediera mirar mi archivo de mi caso ya que dude de mi abogado quisiera saber si puedo ver mi archivo sin que el se entere ya que estoy muy confundido de con mi caso el dijo que estoy deportado por un error del ICE pero me parece que fue por un error de el abogado y quiero quitarme esa dude ya e gastado mucho dinero y actualmente en la cituacion que estoy not parece gusto
This is a DUI question in Spanish so I am transferring the practice area to DUI law. Good luck.
I have a bench warrant for a failure to appear for public intox. I want to fight the case because i wasnt intoxicated at all. An
I have a bench warrant for a failure to appear for public intox. I want to fight the case because i wasnt intoxicated at all. And i have a great job lined up my background check is holding me back at the moment so i want to get it cleared up. If i tuen myself in, will they release me to fight the case so i may still be able to work?
Hire an attorney. Don't just turn yourself in. An attorney maybe able to get the warrant recalled.
What if at arraignment hearing and the papers weren't at court?
A friend of mine got a dui in early March. He went to go for arraignment hearing in Indio and papers weren't at court, so they made a new date. Does that sound right?
Yes, the court date sometimes is not met because the DA didn't have enough time to file. For a DUI the DA has up to a...
If someone is on "Informal Probation" in California and drives with a BAC of below 0.08, what charges can they face?
If someone is on "Informal Probation" in the state of California stemming from a Driving Under the Influence Conviction and violates their probation by driving with alcohol in their system (below a 0.08 BAC) what charges can they expect to face if caught? Would it be another DUI or else a violation of probation? Which one is worse?
If you are driving with alcohol in your system in violation of the terms of your probation, but not enough alcohol in...
What are my odds of conviction for a dui drugs case?
I was arrested hours after consumption of cocaine and no longer feeling its effects, i was not pulled over nor was i at a traffic stop, a man had unsuccessfully tried robbing my vehicle using a weapon (i was working in a ghetto neighborhood) and i called the police whom soon came to watch over me as i was feeling unsafe, amidst the incident i was having an extreme anxiety attack and the officers used it as probable cause to search my vehicle, which resulted in them finding an empty bag of cocaine leading to my arrest. I was charged with a misdemeanor of DUI Drugs
There is an old joke that college grads who are bad at math go to law school instead of medical school, but I did well...