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So I got a dui when I was 16 nowI'm 21. How long will it be on my dmv record ? 7rs? Or 10? It was back in 2009
So I went to my court date but my name never should up on the list . I didn't have a license at the time of the dui once I turned 18 I went to the dmv paid $100 for a renewal few and I got it with a sr22 . But I wanna know if it will stay for 10 ? But some one told me it's not considered a duo of u don't have a license
If you were never convicted, you do not have a dui on your record. However, you may have an APS suspension because of...
How do I get my dui fine and classes started over?
I have a dui outside of the county that I live in and at the time I was not working so I was unable to make it to switch my classes to my county and I could not make the payments for my fine. I need some information on how I should go about getting that started up again as I am currently working and would like to get that taken care of.
You might have a warrant for not starting your classes on time. You need to get your matter calendared where you were...
What should my next step be as I am supposed to be tested in 6 days.
I was asked to take a urine test after receiving probation for a first offense DUI with a BAC of .11. When i arrived at the probation office, my husband told me his exes mother was a probation officer. She saw us when she was leaving, and went back inside and did not leave again until i walked out the door. After taking the test, I was taken into a room and told that I tested positive for fentanyl and ecstacy, which I have never taken in my life. I was not given any type of paperwork and this was my first meeting with probation after receiving 2 days of home confinement. I contacted my attorney and doctors immediately. I take an antidepressant and non narcotic sleep medicine. None of my medications would have set off a positive. And my doctor assured me that it is not even possible to test for those drugs without a very very expensive blood test. I was told if I failed a second drug test I would face jail time. I tried to have a blood test done but I would need a doctor's order for it. I'm waiting for my attorney's reaction but I definitely don't feel comfortable being tested by them again! I don't know what to do and I'm terrified I could go to jail for no reason!
Perhaps you can ask for a Probation Supervisor to administer the drug test for you to make sure there is no access by...
1st DUI 08/2008, 2nd DUI 09/2017 - BAC 1.6 from what I was told What am I facing and what can I fight to get reduced penalties ?
Driving at night, went thru yellow / red light, officer pulled me over, agreed to sobriety test and agreed to breathalyzer test. Had been drinking water for last hour, was chewing gum while driving. BAC dropped from first test to second test. Have not seen police report to determine what i'm facing.
Second offense? Among other things, you face a minimum of 96 hours custody, large fine, 18 month DUI class, one year...
DUI & professional licensing - best way to proceed?
I'm an MFT intern and I'm currently being charged w/ DUI w/ a BAC of .138. I have a private DUI defense atty who will likely get the charged reduced to a wet and reckless, although that seems to make no difference in this circumstance. I'm about to take my final licensure exam, and just saw that the initial licensure application form requires disclosure of pending criminal activity to the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). I expect to take my final exam in October and will likely receive a conviction in early November. Given I pass my exam, what will be my best course of action? Should I hire a licensing atty? Should I submit my initial licensure application before or after a conviction? Will the board deny licensure until after a probationary term ends?! Also, I was arrested in another state 8 yrs ago for drug-related charges. Those charges were dropped, the arrest was expunched, my record was sealed, and background was clean until now. During my recent arrest I admitted to a previous arrest for drug-related charges. This disclosure wasn't included in the police report, but is on the booking video. Will the BBS need/see the video? What is the best way for me to proceed?
You disclose your pending criminal case on your application. They will not have access to your booking video. It does...
Can 2 DUIs affect the road to citizenship?
I got 2 DUIs back in 2000. I am a permanent resident in California. I am thinking of becoming a citizen. I'd like to know if the DUIs can affect or deny my citizenship?
No. Those two DUI convictions can no longer "affect the road to citizenship" iF you had no other convictions after that....
Should I consult internal affairs over a crooked DUI?
I was napping in my parked car and awakened by police. It was hot so I felt drowsy. I take medications, same ones for years, none that directly say not to drive. I was parked though. He took my liscense and gave me some pink form checking that I was unresponsive. I had my son with me and he threatened me with child endangerment if I didn't go along? How is this legal?
Sorry, but you had to get where you were somehow. Your son did not drive, so by circumstantial evidence, the police...