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If I can I need a strong lawyer in the San jose area
"No contest" has the same legal effect as a guilty plea and results in a DUI conviction, which can exude you from DACA....
My husband (currently separated) has a DUI/refusal from 2012. He didn't complete community service in time and ended up getting sentenced to serve 13 days' jail time. After getting a few postponements, his surrender date was last Friday. He did not go. He is dealing with some physical/mental issues and was in the hospital last week again. He is seeing a neurologist and an MRI found a cyst/mass on his brain, which the doctor thinks could be contributing to his problems. I don't feel like he's in a fit state to go to jail right now. Do we have any options or should he just turn himself in even though the surrender date has passed? Would a letter from his doctor help?
Obviously all circumstances are different. I would contact the attorney that helped negotiate the plea deal, and let...
i got my work permit from the dream act.
do everything you can to get the charge lowered. Or you lose everything
My boyfriend got a felony dui. There were no accidents or injuries involved in any of his duis. He has one strike against him from 6 years ago for attempted residential burglary. He was unarmed and no one was home at the time of the offense. Because of his strike they're trying to give him 32 months with 80%. Do you think it's possible to have a Romero motion granted? Is it worth hiring a criminal defense attorney?
Anyone facing a felony DUI with a strike prior would be well advised to seek private counsel. His criminal history...
Need to test in one week but I'm scared I might be dirty s o if iam what happens
Depends what your crime is. What were you convicted of?
I need a DUI bilingual lawyer that speaks Spanish to help me with my case. My court is going to be in August and I need to be ready, also I want to know what are the options I have. I was arrested and my BAC was 0.8% or more, also I don't have a California driver license. I really need help this is the first time this happened to me, I don't have any bad record or tickets. This is the first time. I really need someone that can help me with my case and explain me what are the steps and options that I have to take.
An attorney in my Office is an expert in immigration law and court and also in DUI/DMV. Give him a call for free...
I got sentenced for a first-time DUI in Monterey County (Salinas jail). The sentence is 13 days. Any idea how much actual time I'll do?
You will do half of that which is 7 days. The Salinas jail is so full you could get out sooner but no one can predict...