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Its been 3 years since my dui. what to do now?
i recieved my dui about 3 years ago. i was issued a no bail warrent for not signing up for my community service and served 2 days for that in which the judge gave me time served. other than that i havent taken care of anything. i havent taken my dui classes or payed any of the court fees. i also have a few unpaid tickets. i have no prior record and i need my license back so i can get my life together. i have no job and no source of income and is considered homeless. what do i do??? where do i start??
Until you get back to court, your license will likely be on hold with the DMV. You can check this by contacting the...
Will I get charged for a DUI?
I got pulled over for the suspicion of driving under the influence. The police officer did 3 test and a breathalyzer but did not give me citation nor arrested me and simply let me go. I have been reading articles saying there is a possibility of getting charged for a DUI even though an individual did not get arrested.
While nothing is impossible, it's extremely unlikely that you would be charged with DUI.
Do I stand a chance at a DMV appeal (first-time offender, wet-rec) without hiring a lawyer or public defender?
I'm a first time offender, recently charged with a wet-reckless (blood test of .11) and at the DMV hearing was told I needed to attend the 3 month first-offender DUI program as was decided by the court (and which I have already enrolled in). My license is also to be restricted for the following three months to only home, work, and the DUI school. I am also a full-time college student, and it doesn't make sense to me that I would not be allowed to drive to my college. Is it possible for me to get this changed to allow me to go to school? And as I was charged with wet-rec and not DUI, shouldn't I be in the Wet-Rec program rather than the First Offender program? Do I stand a chance at any of this without hiring a lawyer? The fines I am already paying are hard to make.
First of all, you were charged with a DUI and you pled guilty in court to a wet reckless. For DMV purposes, it was a...
If you have two priors felony duis both well over io years old will a new dui be consider a felony
The answer is: it depends. You should consult with a local attorney as soon as possible if you or a friend is...
I was recently falsely arrested for a DUI charge, what do i do?
I was given a ride home after drinking at a bar by my friend. His car broke down off the highway, and completely died. We stepped out of the car and opened the hood of the car to see what was going on. My friend then got in the passenger seat to look for his insurance papers which was in the glove department. I sat in the drivers seat, and a minute later a CHP pulled up behind us, gave me a breathalyzer test and charged me with a DUI. Even though i was not driving, he still took me to jail. how the hell am i going to fight this charge?
You need the assistance of a good DUI lawyer. This is too complex a situation for you to be able to handle it by...
Got arrested for DUI, was in the car waiting for my friend to pick me up. Keys in the glove compartment. Can charges be dismisse
I was sitting in the car waiting, in a parking area off the freeway exit. I passed all the tests except the breathliser which I blew a 0.08. The officer had me blow it twice but would not show or tell me the results, I came to find out the next day when they released me from jail. Since I had no intention of driving and my keys were in the glove compartment, do I have chance of having this case dismissed. One more thing, the officer did not read me any rights. He did ask me to make a choice between blood test or breathliser once we would get to the station. My court date is in 2 weeks so any help would be much appreciated. This was my first DUI
You do have a chance at getting your case dismissed. There are many issues that present themselves with your situation....
DUI explanation?
I was arrested and charged with a 23152 VC but when I Google that number it has an (a) or (b) behind it. My charge has neither one. Why is that? My arrest was in Alameda CA
Somebody truncated it probably so they didn't have to write it twice. It has no significance. Usually you are charged...