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Im on probation and i was driving on suspended license... Am I going back to jail or prison??
I'm a car dealer in Arkansas. Yes my drivers license are suspended. Me n my business parter got a motorcycle at the car auction two hours away from home! I knew my license was suspended, but we needed to get the bike home and he didn't know how to drive it. So he was going to follow me home. About 15 mins. From home, the state police noticed I didnt have any tags. So he hit the blue lights!! I was driving on suspended license plus no motorcycle endorsement!! Now the question is..... Did I revoke my probation? What's going to happen?? I'm super nerves!!!
The answer to your question depends in part on the reason your license was suspended in the first place. Most states...
I got pulled over while driving a motorcycle. While on probation!! Did I revoke my probation???
I got pulled over while driving a motorcycle. I'm on probation and my license are suspended! Plus No motor cycle indorcment. I'm a car dealer. I just got the bike at an auction. What pull over for no tags. Had my dealer tags thou. I don't know what to do. I have to report to the probation office first thing Monday morning!! What's going to happen???
Be sure to report your police contact to the probation officer within the time outlined in your order. There is a...
Review Hearing following Defensive Driver Courses in Arkansas?
I attended a defensive driver course two months ago because I didn't stop for a school bus (I'm a foreign college student--German--, so I learned my lesson); the papers say AR 27-51-1004, Misdemeanor Unclassified. I plead guilty at the arraignment hearing. The judge said that if I take the class there would be nolle prosequi, and I checked my case online this afternoon and I have a review hearing on December 5. I'm assuming I need to attend the hearing? It's better to be safe than sorry, so I'll show up just in case I am on the list for the 1 p.m. docket. There are no priors in my driving and no criminal history, so I'm assuming that's why Judge was nice and gave me a slap on the wrist. If it's nolle prosequi and I took the course as instructed (and received no further tickets or problems), I'm curious as to why I need to go in front of the judge again. I called the clerk and even she wasn't sure why I need to go back to the judge... maybe to show them my DDC certificate or to make sure I understand my lesson? No fine was ordered and no jail sentence, so life is good. I leave for holidays on Dec. 13, so I'm glad the review hearing is before my flight to Frankfurt.
You need to go to the hearing. It sounds like what is happening is that your case will be nolle prossed at the review...
What do you have to do to get your license reinstated after a DUI with drugs?
My son received a DUI with drugs in 2016. He took the alcohol class as he was instructed to do and has his certificate. He was told now he has to participate in a MADD class. Is this correct? The driver control said its state law and I can't find it anywhere.
The MADD class is also mandatory. It's actually an administrative regulation. The State law just allows the DFA to...
I am in the national gaurd and I got a dwi what are they going to do?
I was driving home when had fallen asleep. I hit another car at 35 head on. I took the blood test at the hospital and, I got a false positive for amphetamines. I had been taking Sudafed and, robutsin for a cold I have been trying to get over with out having to go to the doctor. I am in the national gaurd and I don't know how there going to reprimand me for a false positive that I don't know how to prove.
You could be facing demotion or worse. If you beat these charges they might not punish you. I would get a fingernail...
My daughter in law has a old warrant from Washington state, it was for a failure to have a interlock in her car after a dui,?
She has moved here to Arkansas about 2 years ago & needs desperately to get a legal license here, Washington is saying she needs to come back there & go to court, that is not financially a option. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
Warrants do not go away until they are addressed. Perhaps an attorney in Washington State can help her with it. Once...
II have 3 drug charges pending got the first two n 2016 1n may 1 n step. N got 3rd one 2017 I need to no what r the time line n
I need to no about how long do I have to go to court on a drug charge from May 2016
Certain felony charges can be brought within three years, although there are some exceptions. There may be ways to get...