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What are the chances of me being drug tested in court or put on probation ?
So I was written a misdemeanor ticket for failing to report an accident in a parking lot. It was just a small fender bender, and it was also night and when I got out of my car I did not see any damage because it was too dark. There was nobody in the other car, and there were no injurys. Next thing I know there is an officer at my house. The officer did not ask or suspect I was under the influence of drugs or alcohol (I was 100% sober). I am still just curious to know whether or not I will be tested in the court. If not in court what are the chances of me being put on probation with tests? Also until this point I have a clean record besides one speeding ticket.
If you were not asked about drugs or alcohol by the officer who issued the ticket then you just have to deal with the...
What are my chances of getting revoked license reinstated
7 years ago I was charged with owi causing serious Injury. felony.Single vehicle accident and passager was Injured. My bac was .13 with breathalyzer and .11 with blood work. License was revoked, 30 days jail, 60 days day report, 90 days scram tether and 5 years probation. Never had any problems with probation or any of the sentence. Been off probation 2 years now with no trouble whatsoever. Attended aa very little after the accident. Just not a people person. Explaining my problems with other strange people wasnt helping me. What are my chances at getting a restricted or full license restored? Also one further question. Can I ever have my gun rights restored for hunting
You should consult wirh an attorney who specializes in license restorations. There is a specifix process that you...
How long does the police have to issue a ticket or warrant for my arrest for a DUI?
It has been 6 weeks since I was involved in an accident involving only myself and a tree from drinking and was not issued a ticket or arrested at the scene of the accident for driving under the influence and there has been nothing issued by the police or the courts for a warrant. How long do they have to issue a ticket or process a warrant for my arrest in this situation?
The statute of limitations is 6 years from the date of the incident to the point where they must bring charges....
Can tuscola county consider nonpayment for a pee test a dirty drop
In tuscola county mi my boyfriend got a tucket for driving on a suspended license he was sentenced to ISP witch means he has to report to probation daily they told him he had to pay 20$ to take a drug test he told them he did not have the money they made him pee anyways and that they would hold it till he paied 3 days later but when he went to report that Friday and pay for it hi po told him they dumped it and she was going to violat him and take him to jail on Monday he has reported Monday and now Tuesday and she has not need there but can she count that as a dirty drop and take him to jail
The P.O. has the power to make any claim she wants but failing to have the money to pay for the drug test sounds like a...
Can someone be charged with a dui if they were parked on side of road looking for a cellphone to call for ride
My brother and a female friend went out to the bar.when they left the female drove( it was her car and he has 2 prior dui's) so she was driving he knew he couldnt. The girl started to get sick and pulled over. My brother shut her car off and threw the keys in the back seat. He then moved her to the passanger side of the car. Then he went back to the driver seat to look for one of thier cellphones to call for a ride. As he was looking for thier phones the police showed up and he was arrested on a third dui even though the keys were no where in sight. He was not going to drive this girls car but because he had also been drinking the police would not listen to him before arresting him.
Your brother needs a good lawyer who can present the facts you have described. If your brother's girlfriend and he...
Can you be charged with DWI with a minor child in the car 4 years after the fact?
A CPS investigation was started based on a story my daughter wrote in her journal about her father driving drunk with her in the car 4 years ago. No one knows for sure if he was indeed drunk. There was no accident, no investigation. She called me (her mother) to come and get her and I did. Now, 4 years later this CPS investigator is certain that she is going to seek charges against my ex for drunk driving. This CPS investigation has gotten out of control and is threatening my exes current sobriety, his work and all the work he has put into maintaining sobriety for over 2 years. What can we do?
The chances of the prosecutor bring charges with no blood or breath test is slim. If charges are brought. Hire a good...
I am 19 and I just got my first DUI?
I am attending college on a scholarship I’m worried I will lose this I’ve never had anything on my record before and I’m terrified. I have called an attorney I will meet Wednesday but haven’t spoke about it yet. Please help.
Moving this to DUI section so you can get better advice. Although it sounds like you've done the right thing and...