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Can I be charged with possession if my fingerprints are found on perifinalia in an old residence?
Let's say I moved out of a residence recently, and had left drug related objects in a spot that wasn't found until months later when renovations we're being done?
First, I doubt the police are going to try to obtain fingerprints on a pipe or a bong. I do not think you have...
When you are required to get random drug and alcohol testing for a DUI are they urine tests or are they breath tests?
There hasn't been a court date set, I plead not guilty waiting for a public defender to get into contact with me. I have never been in trouble before.
You need to speak to your attorney. Each case is different........
How do you know if your getting a UA or a BA?
I got arrested for a DWI for the first time and have not ever been in trouble for anything but a traffic ticket, I was told I needed to go and get signed up for random drug and alcohol testing. Does it just depend on the day or when you go to test if they are doing a Urine or breath, I'm wondering because I always want to make sure I am ready to go to the bathroom. I was assigned a public defender and don't know what happens from there
A breath test is worthless in this instance. Alcohol only stays in your system for a short time and begins to weaken...
What happens if a 2nd dui occurs 6 days before the sentencing date of 1st dui?
Asking for daughter who's husband was involved in a hit and run dui case in which the sentencing date is this Wednesday, and then got a dui last Friday. He has a history of alcoholism and has been court ordered classes and such. Which as you see do not help. He has been on and off probation for domestic violence also. She did leave him after 1st dui since their 3 children under the age of 5 had to have been in vehicle prior to the hit and run. Kids were dropped off to me me about 5 minutes before accident.
Your question is a bit confusing to me. What happens in what regard? It may effect his sentencing on the first DUI,...
What do they do if you get a probation revocation on unsupervised probation.
Got a dui and did 45 days in jail. Was let out and given unsupervised probation. Stipulations were to go do random alcohol tests but was turned away due to not being able to pay for it. It has been 5 years and haven't got into any trouble expect just got a public intox when I was picked up. Just wondering if you think I will have to do jail time.
It is possible. Use the "Find a Lawyer" function on Avvo and contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in the...
What kind of sentence can my husband expect from his 3rd DUI and failure to install an Interlock device, and can they add more?
My husband has 3 DUIs in the last 3 years. One in ND and is currently on probation from his 2nd in Wyoming. He went to court ordered rehab and is still going. He was doing good not drinking. Last night he went to a wedding, and apparently drank, because I had a message on my phone at 1:30 this morning saying that he was going to jail. I called the jail and they said he is being charged with DUI, Driving without the interlock system(which we were arranging to have put in next week because we didn't have the money before) and driving 3 miles over the speed limit. All misdemeaners. She didn't mention probation violation or driving under a suspended license. Can they add these charges on later? And how can a lawyer help? I lost my job due to illness and I'm scared.
He will get a very harsh sentence, in my opinion. I think he needs to go into a 90 day in-patient program to show the...
After a dui arrest, would entering into an alcohol rehab program prior to going to court help?
I would like to be proactive if that is possible. Would entering into an alcohol program prior to my court hearing have any effect on my case?
Your first step should be to consult with a local defense attorney about your case and potential defenses. If you...