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What do I need to do to get my license back after a second dui in illinois
need to know what steps to take
Go to your nearest informal hearing officer and they will give you a free run through of the basic requirements. Once...
Will Illinois suspension of driving privileges affect any other states with me having a Michigan drivers license?
I have Michigan license. My driving privileges are suspended in Illinois for dui.
You will soon be getting notification that your Michigan license will be suspended as well. And seriously, doesn't it...
How can I get out of a first offense dui in Illinois with a Michigan drivers license?
I blew a .12 was pulled over for supposedly failure to use signal when turning. I've learned that having dentures may affect the test.
You are correct. There are studies that food and alcohol can get trapped in dental appliances such as bridges and...
Can court fines b dismissed? Charge was aggravated dui
Second duo(aggravated duo. Tons of medical bills. Part time job
Certainly if you can show proof to a judge that there is no possibility you can pay these fines and court cost a judge...
Dui dismissed?
Can my dui be dismissed ? Officer sent letter in mail stating that he had voided my dui citiation because the ‘citation was issued in error’ because he initially put 346.63(2) then changed it to 346.63(2)(a)(3) after the blood test came back. Thank you
Potentially any DUI case could be dismissed. However, you have not provided us enough information to analyze your case...
How is not ILLEGAL that Illinois can prevent me from getting reinstated after getting a DWI In MO the state I resided, worked?
I got a DWI In state of MO 2008 where myself and kids lived. I went to court where I resided in MO and was sentenced probation & given a list of requirements to get lisence back. Completed them and had proof of sr22 and breathalyzer in car and when time came to reinstate my lisence I was told to call Illinois as they had put a hold on me keeping me from reinstating lisence in MO. I called and was told I had to basically complete all the same stuff( as MO required AGAIN? What?) and pay all Illinois rediculous fees for them to lift hold. I paid state taxes in MO, worked MO and had a home in MO, kids in school there, so how is that even legal? If other states that i had at one time resided in can give all the requirements and demands of another states driving offenses to make money will i go through same thing from another or all other states where i had live at some time and give same consequences will I to pay for my MO driving offense while living there in all other states I've lived once Illinois will reinstate my lisence or lift hold?
Were you holding an Illinois license at the time of your MO DUI?
How’s do i get Court supervision in Illinois for my first dui ?
The states attorney refuses to give me court supervision for my dui because I’m on probation for a felony for a fight. I’ve never dropped dirty and I’ve always been compliant with my probation. I even opted to have the baiid device in my car which I’ve had for months. I am a single mother with two kids and i Work two jobs i can’t lose my license! Please help!
The States Attorney may not offer Ct. Supervision but on a “cold plea” (a plea of guilty without a promise of any...