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In this paperwork it stated mittimus of issue: 1/17/2014 at 6 pm, that was 3 weeks ago my lawyer just sent me the paperwork. I have tried to call him numerous times and he did not return any of my calls what can i do? Also in this paperwork I was suppose to start paying my fine 1/5/2014 so that is also late I am so upset and don't know what to do.
Since you are posting this on Sunday night, I would not be concerned that your attorney has not returned your call...
I recieved a ticket for a open container as a passenger 6 months into formal probation. The driver was also issued a open container and passed all sobriety tests including blowing zeros on a breathalyzer. I am not to drink alcohol. I am wondering what the chances are my probation will be revoked or me going to jail. No prior violations
That will depend on if the PO has cause to believe you consummed (which as I understand is a probationary condition)....
My daughter 33 years old, lives in Illinois received DUI in Feb of 2012 I thought my daughter had her license back her boyfriend/son's father was tragically killed in July 2012 her car broke down in October 2012 so we left our car there as we were not using it and she basically has no family support in the area. This car is titled in Iowa to my husband and I. My daughter had to go to work and pick up her son. On way home 1 block from her home officer pulled her over for no reason except that he said he was informed she did not have a license. Can state of Illinois keep our vehicle? It is titled to my husband and I. We want our car back. help please
There are defenses you can assert as innocent owner.
1st offense DUI occurred 6/2010. Conviction date 11/2010. Was placed on informal 24 month probation. Arrested for 2nd offense DUI 7/2012. Have file motion to suppress based on officer had no grounds to pull me over. DA is trying to coerce me into pleading guilty to 2nd offense or I will be subjected to heavy penalty for the probation violation. If my motion to supress is successful can this be used to have the probation violation charge dismissed?
What is the violation upon which the probation revocation is based? If it is something arising out of the 7/12 DUI...
We'd like to know if she needs representation to go to court. She's 20 yrs old and has no record at all. She's an IL resident attending school in Dubuque. The police locked her up overnight and told her she'd have to take the test before she could be released. She did and it registered zero. We live in Chicago and would appreciate some advice. Thank you
It sounds as if she was charged with either public intoxication or possession of alcohol under legal age (PAULA). It's...
IA code 204 blew .05 said i drank 1 beer this is my first offense in Iowa only other ticket i have gotten was a speeding ticket in Illinois which was community service i dont know what i should do what is the best way or best things to do to get let off with a warning
Talk to a lawyer, I think you are licensed in Iowa. if you are licensed in Il, you need some sort of pretrial diversion...
This has not happened to me, but a friend. Can i refuse or request a blood test? What are the ramifications if i do refuse? What happens if that officer makes me take one?
You can refuse to take a breath test and deny the prosecution evidence that will be used to convict. However, the...