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in May of 2008 I was pulled over for a DUI in KS. All my criminal penalties have been taken care of. My Kansas DL was Suspended for one year and restricted for 4 years which ends in December of this year. I was required to carry a interlock device for the restricted period. My problem is my truck was taken back by the bank because i fell behind on payments due to the place where i worked closing down and a series of temp jobs that were not perment employment. So i quit paying the Company for the interlock device in febuary of 2014. I would really like to know if there is anything I can do to at least get a hardship or go back and fourth to work DL as it would open up many more opportunities to help me become a productive member of society .
If you are not license eligible in KS, I do not believe you are license eligible in AZ.
I was charged in Kansas back in 2008 for a DUI and was sentenced to a 1 year suspended license and 5 years with an ignition interlock. I moved to AZ in 2012 and continued with the ignition lock. At the end of 2013 I got rid of my car and was unemployed for several months. I am not looking to buy another vehicle and need to finish out my sentence. Do I go through the state of AZ to reinstall another device and how would I have to get a restricted license through AZ?
Call up Kansas DMV and indicate to them you have no intent o drive in Kansas anymore. Call AZ and apply for a license...
My daughter was charged with 28-1381-a1 and a3 what kind of fines nd jail time is she looking at. They took her blood they said she under the influence of marajauana
Those charges are serious with Serious consequences. She needs qualified experienced counsel to assist and represent...
EE received another DUI this weekend. Is he eligible to obtain a CDL that is required for his job?
No chance of getting a CDL after a DUI.
but didnt know their license was suspended. what is best to do?
Depending on the overall circumstances you could be looking at 4 months in prison or more. But if you truly did not...
This person was currently working for the police department at the time of my dui.
Maybe. It is not a clear defense to your case, but it may affect the person's credibility - meaning a judge or jury...
Someone I know was arrested for Susp of Dui, pending blood test results. No citation was issued and he was released to a third party. What, if any, is one's defense? He wasn't given a Field Sobriety test. What do you do when you can't afford an attorney to contest the results? Do you plead Not Guilty at the arraignment, and go to trial? Do the officers videotape the blood draw and a persons behavior? It would be a second Dui in 5 years. I'm not sure what that means in terms of jail time. He wants to go to rehab right away. Would a 6-mo rehab lessen his jail time or fines? Could an arraignment be delayed if a person was in rehab?
You have way too many questions to answer in writing. Most attorneys will give a free consultation on DUI cases, and...