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I got a DWI in NC where I live . Court date is Nov 1. I'm moving to FL and wonder if I should get a FL Lic before my court date?
1st time dwi. I most likely will have to get an interlock device in NC with a possibility of a suspension. Blew a .23
It doesn't matter. FL will know about your NC-DL and your NC-DUI. FL treats out of state DUI's "as if" they...
What is the likelihood of license revocation for ignition interlock violation? Success rate of false/positive in DMV Hearing?
I was convicted of a DUI back in August of 2014. I spent one year on a restricted driving license with .00 BAC requirement. I was granted my normal driver's license back by the DMV in August 2015 contingent on the Smart Start device (BAC of .04) being in my car for one year. Received my first ignition interlock violation on Sunday morning when trying to start my car. Obviously, I freaked and went inside to call Smart Start to see why I received the violation. They're closed on Sundays so I took to the web to see what could be done/researched. I've had zero failed attempted during the 5 months with the device, and quite honestly did not know how to handle the situation so I did not retest. (which I've read was the incorrect way to handle the situation) I did re-test several hours later and my car worked like a charm. Took car to Smart Start next day. Tech said I registered a .06 on the initial BAC test. I realize any/all violations get reported to the NC DMV. Tech said not to worry until the letter comes, and that this is my first violation and I've been in the program for 5 months without any issues, I may not even receive a notice. I'd like to plan differently.
The tech at Smart Start was correct- don't panic and see if a letter comes from NCDMV. Of course, the address on your...
What are the chances of getting license back after 2 years, actually suspended x 4 years due to duis back to back .
2 dwi;s with in 6 weeks, lost license x 4years
Everything depends on whether you have complied with the terms of your judgments in the prior cases; completed...
I had a smart start violation for a failed test. Will I be charged with a DUI?
I have not been told the reading yet.
Depending on if you have the smart start as a condition of your bond or as a condition of your probation- you are...
If I have lost my license from the DMV due to an interlock violation can I appeal the decision?
It is difficult to answer your question based on the limited facts that you have given. If you have already properly...
Arrested for DUI, Finger prints for Residence coming up. Will it appeared on the background check?
I was arrested for a DUI June 26. I'm working on getting my Residence. I have to go get my fingerprints August 7. Will it show on record? I have a clean record. I'm hoping that this will not appear on my background check so fast. Will this effect the chances to get my green card? What do I need to do to get my residence in time?
Depending on how thorough the background check is, it is likely that the arrest will show. You should speak with a...
DUI Car accident victim zero fault
On April 29th 2014, I was in my car coming back from office and i got hit by a lady driving other car. she was under the influence of drug(Marijuana). In this accident my car got totaled and i suffered neck and shoulder injury. Now my treatment is completed(no surgeries) and total treatment amount is 15k and I lost my wages for 1 week. I would like to know who much i can expect as a settlement amount. Will also like to know if it is worth to hire an attorney as this is no fault case.
This is a personal injury matter and you need to see an attorney who handles accident cases. It is not criminal defense,...