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What are the chances of getting license back after 2 years, actually suspended x 4 years due to duis back to back .
2 dwi;s with in 6 weeks, lost license x 4years
Everything depends on whether you have complied with the terms of your judgments in the prior cases; completed...
I had a smart start violation for a failed test. Will I be charged with a DUI?
I have not been told the reading yet.
Depending on if you have the smart start as a condition of your bond or as a condition of your probation- you are...
Can I drive in NC with a suspended lisence for a DUI? I hold a valid MA lisence.
Two factors play into this question. 1) I have been convicted of a DUI in February of 2008 in the state of MA. I have been convicted of another DUI in the state of NC on 7/2/2015, however, they charged me as this was my first offense (probably because MA isn't in the interstate agreement?) 2) my MA lisence is still valid I am wondering if I am able to drive with my MA lisence, or at the very least, apply for a limited lisence to go back and forth to work. Thank you!
Are you located in NC or MA? If NC, they likely suspended your driving privileges in NC state regardless of your MA...
If I have lost my license from the DMV due to an interlock violation can I appeal the decision?
It is difficult to answer your question based on the limited facts that you have given. If you have already properly...
Arrested for DUI, Finger prints for Residence coming up. Will it appeared on the background check?
I was arrested for a DUI June 26. I'm working on getting my Residence. I have to go get my fingerprints August 7. Will it show on record? I have a clean record. I'm hoping that this will not appear on my background check so fast. Will this effect the chances to get my green card? What do I need to do to get my residence in time?
Depending on how thorough the background check is, it is likely that the arrest will show. You should speak with a...
DUI Car accident victim zero fault
On April 29th 2014, I was in my car coming back from office and i got hit by a lady driving other car. she was under the influence of drug(Marijuana). In this accident my car got totaled and i suffered neck and shoulder injury. Now my treatment is completed(no surgeries) and total treatment amount is 15k and I lost my wages for 1 week. I would like to know who much i can expect as a settlement amount. Will also like to know if it is worth to hire an attorney as this is no fault case.
This is a personal injury matter and you need to see an attorney who handles accident cases. It is not criminal defense,...
What if there is no "probable cause" to be pulled over?
My daughter was pulled over & charged with a DUI in NC. The officer said he pulled her over because the light around her license plate was out, when in fact it was not out. In addition, he did not state "probable cause" on the citation. Can she fight this?
Yes, she can fight it and she should. The officer will most likely prepare and submit a more detailed report than the...