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Got an underage drinking ticket instead of a DUI, could DUI be brought up at court?
Basically I was let go of a DUI and the officer didn't even tell me what my BAC was. I went to jail and my car got towed. I'm only charged with unlawful consumption of alcohol by minor. Could it be changed to a DUI after a judge questions you? and what should I expect for the penalty for underage drinking?
Since you are underage, you need not be charged with a DUI because any alcohol consumption at all is an offense. Do...
My friend got a DUI on a revoked while driving my car. He refused to blow or do any of the field sobriety tests. Can it be beat
Also, will my insurance be affected?
No one here will be able to tell you what your friend's chances of beating a DUI charge will be. Often the refusal to...
What could a lawyer do for me other than what I can already do for myself (pay fines, etc.)?
Is there anything a lawyer can do to lessen reinstatement fees if my conviction for a DUI and revocation were back in '98? My only options are to pay for outstanding fines (unrelated to the DUI) and pay reinstatement fees, etc? Also, how much would it cost to expunge a DUI from your record? If a lawyer could help. What would be the min./max. cost, if I provide all records? (this pertains to Illinois law)
A lawyer can do a great deal for you. If you think you can do all this without assistance, you more than likely will...
How long until one can coach a sport, which requires driving, in the State of IL after getting a DUI conviction in 2002
The DUI conviction had a contributing to the delinquincy of a minor b/c my son was in the back of the car. The DUI conviction had a conditional discharge which was finished satisfactorily. My problem now seems to be that even tho I have a valid driver's license for more than 4 years, school districts can't seem to employ me to coach because of my DUI almost 10 years ago!
Your DUI cannot be expunged. Plus, the delinquency of a minor conviction shows up on all background checks done by...
Will I get DL back in IL after DUI in NC
Moved to NC in 2015. Got DUI 07-04-15, under 21 on NC DL. No Blow lost DL for one year. Moved back home with parents in IL. Completed all courses required by NC. Submitted documents to NC with 508 form. Suspension is up on 02-15-17. I never surrendered my IL DL, I never received anything from IL stating to surrender my DL which expired in December. Do I tell IL DMV I got a DUI, or do I just go in apply for DL.
I am not familiar with the Secretary of State DL application but there will likely be a question asking about other...
Do I have a shot at getting my liscense back?
I have 2 dui convictions served 15 days attending my dui classes and have been revoked for over a year now.
Possibly, it kind of depends on your level. If you're a "significant risk" probably, if you're patient. If you're "...
I have a ticket for dui and obstruction of traffic what is the minimum I could suffer in cost
I was driving home from rockford il to mundelein il after being up for roughly 16 hours, ten of those hours I was at work. After work I went out with friends had a couple of cocktails after a while decided to go home. On my way home I fell asleep at a red light in crystal lake il where I was approached by police giving a breathalyzer blow .1 and arrested. At the station I blow again and it came out to be .08. I have a court date October 25, 2016
A DUI is a Class A Misemeanor. You can be fined up to $2,500 and jailed for up to 364 days. It is absolutely...