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Do I have to get removed the smart start at the same place was installed or can I get it removed any other place?
has been two weeks since I have the court order to removed it the place where I had installed the gentleman has been out of work do to health issue
The smart start is actually a device leased from a private company under a contract. You will have to call them to see...
I got pulled over for a dui it was dismissed for the officer not showing up to court
Can I get my license back now that my case was dismissed I am from Massachusetts they took my licenses for refusing breathalyzer for 5 year can I get my license back my case was dismissed for lack of evidence and office was a no show to court
You motion for the return or appeal to the registry. The problem is that penalty is for refusing not a conviction for...
When having a 24q evaluation in Massachusetts, specificly with Highpoint, do they do a liver function test?
I have a 24q evaluation coming up and would like to be prepared.
The person either blew a Breath test over .20 or a blood test over that amount, it is a evaluation/ assessment of the...
Will I be charged for OUI if was not in the car had flat on side of road(have no record of OUI)
was in cape cod got there Friday was staying with friend so ended up going out for drinks got drunk so left car till morning had my friend drive cause was still drunk from night before we got a flat tire so pulled over she had things to do cause we had day planned for beach with kids so had my sis and her kids dropped off with me so could wait for aaa so could get towed to shop pick up after beach. someone came and help switch tire and that's when cops came said whats going on said fixing tire got flat about to call aaa that's when he gave me field sobriety test and placed me under arrest OUI with child endangerment
Sounds like you were already charged if the police placed you under arrest. Additionally, OUI with child endangerment...
I was a pedestrian hit by a drunk driver who had already crashed into a vehicle. He left the scene but dropped his wallet.
I suffered injuries to my leg and lower back. The police are charging him with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene, and what ever else for hitting the other vehicle. Do I have a decent case against him?
You left out the most important information to determine how valuable your case is; the extent of your injuries. This...
Need advice on 1st time oui, need to find out how i can get my license back and how fast.
happened a week ago, 1st time oui, did not take breathalizer.
A breath test refusal is an automatic license suspension for 6 months. Depending upon the facts of your case, you...
I have been charged for first dui in rhode island. But I live in ma. And have 2 priors, what should I do
Am I going to jail when I go to the hearing? What if the. Oui is more than 10 years old. And have
You need to use the AVVO find a lawyer function and locate a DUI lawyer in Rhode Island before you attend any hearing....