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I have a pending DUI charge 2 years ago, but the trooper that stopped me has transferred and the breath alayzer was inadmissible
because it was not calabrated What are my chances of a dismissal
Not sure you will get a dismissal, but the state will certainly have more trouble proving their case without the...
I'm on supervised probation and was arrested for a DWI and paraphernalia. Can my probation officer arrest me b/c of new charges?
I am on supervised probation after being convicted of felony possession. I have done everything I was ordered to do. I was arrested in another county for a DWI after I blew a .08 and I let officers search the car i was driving and they found a crack pipe. I had no knowledge of it but I know that it doesn't matter. I have been trying for 2 weeks to call my probation officer and she is never there. I am worried that she has violated me and there has been an arrest warrant issued. I would like to know what happens now and also what will happen later after I go to court and if I am found guilty of both charges.
Heck yes you can be violated. You screwed up and now you want to whine? Just go to court and see what the judge wants...
DWI N Carolina license question
I received a limited driving license after my DWI charge and the 30 day period is over. Do I get my physical license mailed to me until my trial?
Pay the $100 Civil Restoration fee at Clerk of Court. They should be the one holding the license. If you haven't...
Convicted of two DUI's - one while driving a car -- 7 months later one while driving a moped. Live in the state of NC.
Moving to SC in the next 3 months - does this carry over to SC or do I apply for a SC DL and start over?
I am not sure what you mean by "carry over". NC and SC share information with each other about drivers. If you apply...
Can I get my interlock device removed early.
I was provided with the privilege to regain my north Carolina driver licenses in 2012. I have been able to abided by the rules and regulations of the device for almost three years. I am unable to get the device removed for another four years. With my children getting older and repaying my debt to society by remaining sober through AA and doing things differnt then my teenage years. I was wondering if early removal was something possible for me. Thanks for your time.
No, there is no way around the interlock unfortunately.
How do i relocate to florida from north carolina with a breath interlock device?
i have an interlock device in my truck in nc. i have had it for six months now, half of the required time in nc. all of my fees fines community service and alcohol classes are complete. the only thing missing is the time. i am relocating to fl and absolutely need the ability to drive. what do i do?
Speak to a Florida DWI attorney to see if you qualify for a Limited Driving Privilege for an out of state DWI...
If time lapses before you start recommended hours on alcohol assessment, and new one is done, which hours are required?
I got an assessment done and 30 hours were required in classes but it has to be started by June. If the time lapses before I start and I have to get a new assessment, and they require no hours or less, then am I required to do the second hours or are they going to go by my file the first time I had the assessment?
It will all probably depend on your probation officer and/or the sentencing judge. I'd highly consider retaining a...