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  • Deputies Charge Carthage Man in Kidnapping, Sexual A...

    Friday Jun 17 | via The Pilot 

    A Carthage man has been charged in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 20-year-old woman, Sheriff Neil Godfrey announced. Sheriff's deputies arrested Percy Eugene Degraffenreid III, 24, of 216 Lake Rest Lane, on Friday and charged him with felony first-degree kidnapping, felony first-degree forcible sex offense, felony crime against nature, assault inflicting serious injury in the presence of a minor, assault inflicting injury and assault on a female.


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  • Carthage-Area Man Charged in Sexual Assault

    Tuesday Jun 14 | via The Pilot 

    Moore County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a Carthage-area man in connection with the sexual assault of a 15 year old earlier this year. Sheriff Neil Godfrey said his agency received a statutory rape report on Jan. 6 in the Carthage area of Moore County.


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  • Carthage Man Arrested for Sexual Assault

    Monday Jun 13 | via The Pilot 

    Jacob Reid Phillips, 21, of 603 South McNeil St. in Carthage, was charged by Moore County Sheriff's deputies with one count of felony statutory rape of a child. He was placed in the Moore County Detention Center under a $60,000 secured bond.


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Carthage Law

I have a pending DUI charge 2 years ago, but the trooper that stopped me has transferred and the breath alayzer was inadmissible
because it was not calabrated What are my chances of a dismissal
Not sure you will get a dismissal, but the state will certainly have more trouble proving their case without the...
I'm on supervised probation and was arrested for a DWI and paraphernalia. Can my probation officer arrest me b/c of new charges?
I am on supervised probation after being convicted of felony possession. I have done everything I was ordered to do. I was arrested in another county for a DWI after I blew a .08 and I let officers search the car i was driving and they found a crack pipe. I had no knowledge of it but I know that it doesn't matter. I have been trying for 2 weeks to call my probation officer and she is never there. I am worried that she has violated me and there has been an arrest warrant issued. I would like to know what happens now and also what will happen later after I go to court and if I am found guilty of both charges.
Heck yes you can be violated. You screwed up and now you want to whine? Just go to court and see what the judge wants...
Convicted of two DUI's - one while driving a car -- 7 months later one while driving a moped. Live in the state of NC.
Moving to SC in the next 3 months - does this carry over to SC or do I apply for a SC DL and start over?
I am not sure what you mean by "carry over". NC and SC share information with each other about drivers. If you apply...
Dwi -V- dui in NC and how long do courts have to have your dwi heard
In NC if charged for dwi. Is it law that courts have 120 days to have u in court? Not dui their is a difference correct?? I thought dui for state can go for year or better on length of misdemeanor in court an dwi is 120 a must an have to. An if they don't have you in court then what??? I
They probably should summons you to court in a matter of days. You should get on avvo's lawyer referral page and see...
Can I get approved again for DACA if I got a DUI?
I recently got a DUI this April and have yet to get convicted. It isn't looking great and my DACA expires in November. I don't have any prior run ins with the law other than a minor traffic incident that got reduced. I've been approved twice and am worried I won't get approved a third time. I pay my taxes and do everything I need to do it was one stupid mistake that I regret. I planned on returning to school this fall. Any advice?
DACA will not be approved with a DUI conviction. Contact a criminal defense attorney & US immigration attorney for...
What are a persons rights at dui checkpoints
I have always been curious about an individuals rights at dui checkpoints... I've read before that when stopped by an officer that you don't even have to roll your window down as long as you place your I'd and registration in a bag out the top of it. And then I recently just watched this video: time_continue=319&v=tLnhSl1ajyc ..... so what are citizens rights at dui checkpoints? What are we required to do and cooperate with? And also does this guy in the video have any recourse for the dog scratching his car? And do we really have any rights at all when they can simply exagerate a dogs reaction and say that he hit on the car?
You have a lot of questions but the easiest answer is that you simply have the right to refuse all field sobriety tests....
Can I move interstate from Oklahoma to North Carolina after a first time DUI plead with my interlock in place?
I was arrested for DUI in Arkansas in May. Pled and given 6 months of interlock, fines, classes. I live in Oklahoma. These restrictions apply there as well. I have a job offer in NC and would like to move. I am more than fine with keeping the interlock as long as required. Can this be done? How do I make it happen correctly?
Yes, you probably can move. The only thing that would legally stand in your way is if there is some sort of probation...