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"joint tenacy with survivorship (not as tennants in common)" warranty deed , no $ owed on property, person not sure exactly what they signed at this attorneys office, but knows it took them off the deed because as soon as it was signed , said person was handed a notice to vacate the property (already typed and ready by same attorney. which seems a little unethical!) given 60 days or face eviction proceedings.
You begin the process by hiring a litigation lawyer who can figure out what happened.
On book -in sheet can I fight this
DUI drugs can be a very difficult case for the State to prosecute and get a conviction on if there is no test available....
I was arrested for underage consumption in Kennesaw, GA back and went to court on August 27th and was placed on the diversion program. On the 27th I was asked to take a drug test and passed it and they allowed me to mail in all of my requirements because I went to an out-of-state college and I was required to send in drug screening results on the 15th of each month that I was still in the program. They scheduled me to call probation and check in with them on September 30 and I played phone tag with the probation office a week prior to that and never got through to anyone. My mother received a letter in the mail a couple days ago saying I was kicked out of the program and would have to return to court. What will most likely happen when I return to court?
The judge in kennesaw is very firm. I would not advise going in front of him without an attorney. And certainly do...
Someone I know has been arrested for at least 3 DUIs in another state. He got another DUI last June in GA his court date was this April. His license was taken from him last August. I was just wondering what the court might sentence him with. I no longer talk to him but was just curious what might happen with his DUI case.
He will likely spend time in jail. Generally speaking: The first DUI usually isn't jail. The second DUI jail is a...
I had a single car accident and was ejected from my vehicle and found in the middle of the road. I had a head concusion and don't remember anything about the accident. The officer had my dad sign a ticket for DUI and a GA Dept of Driver Services DDS 1205 at the ER. The officer came back to the hospital the next evening and had me sign a ticket for DUI, too fast for conditions, failure to maintain lane and seat belt. The Lt. told my mom I had to sign the tickets even if I didn't understand what I was signing. He also told her I would not be charged with DUI if results are .07 or less. Do I need to get a lawyer before my toxicoloy results come back. A court date has been set, the Lt. said if the toxicology results weren't back by the court date not to worry it would be rescheduled.
Absolutely. If the officer served you with a form 1205 and notice of suspension, you only have ten business days to...
1. I just got a call from a friend of my son's. They were stopped last night on the way back from dinner. when the officer gave the driver a warning, he said it was for following too close. she said there weren't any cars in front of theirs?? but the officer checked all the passengers ids. is this legal? #2. my son is on probation for a DUI and the officer said there was a warrant on him, which he knows nothing about, and so he was taken to jail and can't get out. Since this is a violation, can you give me some idea of what will happen? He is in Cartersville, GA and I am in Orlando, FL. thank you, very much.
You will have to post a bond on the probation violation in order to get him released from jail. Bond will be set once...
He paid all fines and completed all classes. His counselor never informed him of a final meeting with her, so she gave the Dmv an incomplete course paper. It's been over two years. Can we just pay a reinstatement fee and get his license back? We have a family now and he doesn't even drink anymore!
You need to post yur question to lawyers who are licensed to practice in South Carolina.