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Can I get a restricted license if I failed to submit to an evidentiary test in Nevada
I was given a sobriety test as I was leaving a Park in Nevada by a park ranger and was determined by him to be ok to drive. I took a left had turn out of the park (something I have done for many years) not realizing that a temporary no left hand turn sign had been erected. I was pulled over by the same park ranger and was directed to perform the same test. this time NHP was on site and determined that I should take a breathalyzer test which I refused due to the fact that I had passed the field test twice.
If this was a recent DUI you might want to hire a Reno area attorney to handle the DUI charge and set a DMV hearing....
Second dui with prior felony dui in California
I was charged with a first dui, open container and a red light violation in Carson City,NV and bailed out on these three misdemeanor charges. I have one prior dui that was a Felony in California which I completed all probation, etc and was five years ago. I am worried the DA will raise my charges when I go to court to a Felony. Is this true and what kind of felony would it be? Also is it guaranteed prison time?
Under Nevada's "once a felon always a felon" statute, you could be charged with a felony DUI. Under that statute, it...
Witnesses for my DUI didn't show up today. Should I have signed the 60 day waiver?
Please refer to my previous questions for all the specifics. There were 2 witnesses that saw me drive into the parking lot the day I got arrested for DUI. They did not show up to court today. My public defender had me sign a 60 day waiver. If I hadn't signed that, would it have been dropped? Also, is there any way to undo that, since my public defender most likely wasn't looking out for my best interest in telling me to sign that? Why would there even be witnesses at my preliminary hearing/pre-trial hearing? My public defender said I already plead "not-guilty", but I did not, and thought today would be the day I did that. I would like to contact one of you directly and have you represent me and I can give you all the specifics.
I am not licensed in Nevada, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in NV who answers, I would defer...
Second dui and blood testing
I was breath tested twice with them being off more then .02 within two hours of arrest but the sheriff knew about my prior dui....Doesn't he have to by law blood test me? and if so is there a way to get the results of the breath test dropped because of this?
I would highly advise you to contact an experienced DUI attorney in your area. There are various reasons why the...
I was arrested for firs offense dui
Breathalyzer indicated .171 and then .165
You need to retain an attorney as soon as possible.
My wife was arrested for DUI and Turing left in a no left zone. Her alcohol level was .077 In Carson City NV
I was just wondering what I should do? She passed all of her field sobriety tests well that's what the other officer on the scene said but they still arrested her and I thought that the legal limit was .08 in NV
I do not practice law in Nevada however she needs to hire an experienced DUI lawyer immediately as these charges can...
Is there a statute of limitations on a DUI?
I received a DUI 20 years ago and after paying the fines, community service, classes and insurance, I moved to another state. I brought the SR22 form with me to the DMV and when they didn't ask for it, I thought I had gone the entire three years. I received my new license. When moving back to the state that I received the DUI and wanting to change my license again, I was told that I had not completed the three years of carrying the SR22 and that I would have to start all over. Please tell me this is not true.
There is a statute of limitations--usually one year--before which the state must FILE charges against you. But your...