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If you have been pulled over for drunk driving and you park in a public parking spot are cops allowed to tow you vehicle?
Last night my friend was arrested for drunk driving he passed the field sobriety test but he blew a .09 on their machine. When we were pulled over we parked in a public parking spot in a tom thumb parking lot. The offence on why they said they pulled us over occurred in a public parking lot. As well, just soon as we turned on to the street out of the lot, they pulled us over. Now, as the cop question my friend and he did the tests and he blew a .09 he is in jail right now but the cops told us that they had to tow his jeep and that even his wife with a baby could not drive their vehicle home. So, I am wondering since it was parked in a public parking spot are they allowed tow the vehicle and not let his wife drive it home, even though his wife met us up there to show proof of insurance?
Its always best to consult a local attorney through Avvo.
Friend got 3rd DWI 5/12 - BAC .38...other offenses 2008, 2010 - BAC .35...what are the chances of her going to jail.
failed the interlock device on her car last month
With those bac's she should seiously seek rehab and counseling if she wants to avoid long jail sentences. I mean long...
Charged for 1st dwi but should have been the third.. so its a felony and not misdemeanor.
So court was today and the case was closed and charged as a 1st Dwi class B misdemeanor. This should have been the 3RD dwi so felony but for some reason it was'nt caught. My lawyer closed and got an agreement 18mths probation.. $1000 fine, community service and classes. My question is can the case be reopened to be recharged correctly??? I am wondering if the probation officer notices or asks of previous convictions, I will have to answer yes. Can he/she do something to re file???? Pleasr let me know what can happen... thank you do much!!!
Once you enter your plea, the case cannot be reopened to make it a higher offense. However, I hope you did not lie on...
How to get out of a DWI on ambien?
Friend took ambien then went to sleep. Woke up later with a wrecked vehicle. Doesn't remember getting in the car, having an accident, or getting home. Knows the police were there because they did a blood draw. What steps should he take to get out of the DWI charge?
Hire a good DWI lawyer. His DWI lawyer can document the person's use of ambien and the known side effects.
What is the min/max sentence for a poss cs pg 1 less than 1g. If you are on probation for the same offense less than 6 mo's ago
Also, received a dwi with this offense? Q2. Will a public defender be able to represent her or does she need to spend money for. Private attorney? This person needs to go to aaa and some type of drug rehab ? going on her own will this help in her defense? These r. Her only offenses never in any other trouble.
Possession of less than 1gram is a state jail felony punishable betwen 180 days and 2 years, however there is a...
DWI and citizenship?
If I am resident and I would like to apply for citizenship but I got 2 DWI in 1990 and another in 2001, there is any risk for my self? and If i can't apply for citizenship but I have a wife living abroad never entered in the U.S there is any risk for my self to apply on her behalf because the DWI?
You should not face any major challenge with your application. It is advisable to contact an immigration lawyer to...
Renew Green Card and DWI????
My Resident card is about to expire on December 2010, I got a DWI on 2008 I was given a probation for 1 year. I completed my probation last year. Any problem to renew my Residence??? Do I need to submmit copies of my record with I-90 application?
Anytime there is a criminal issue you should have an attorney review your application. For a free consultation give me...