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In 1992 I was arrested for 1st and only DWI. I got SIS with probation, traffic school and counseling, all completed to court's satisfaction. So no DWI conviction shows, but the state still shows an administrative license suspension for DWI even though it was 22 years ago. I've been told it should have dropped from the record after 10 years with no more similar charges, but it didn't. I'm a driver by trade, and it has been an issue with some job applications. Court acts as though I need to have an attorney ask to have it removed. True?
Unfortunately many actions I the courts go much more smoothly with counsel. Hire an attorney and get it done.
Will he be charged with habitual criminal? Will the other DWI's count against him?
The short answer is "yes," the other DWIs will count against him. By law, he will be charged with a felony (because of...
He spent several months in jail ( two different times) in Audrain County jail. After he was released, he had a tough time finding good work in this area, besides the fact that he was not allowed to drive. Subsequently, he took a surveying job with a pipeline in North Dakota where he has worked for approximately 3 years. Last week, his luck ran out and he was arrested on an Audrain County warrant for missing an appointment with his probation officer.( I guess this was done over the internet---- I'm not sure ). Now, he is sitting in the Starke County jail in Dickinson, ND waiting to be extradited back to MO. Is there an attorney in Mexico or Columbia who would touch this? thank you, L.M. Henry
Yes. There are absolutely attorneys who would touch this case. The key is to find one who is experienced in DWIs,...
Haven't smoked since this has happened in mid September, but before the DWI I smoked 1-3 times a week, so I don't know if it's out of my system. Already went to court to set court date for the sentencing plead not guilty & have an attorney. I just want to know if drug testing me is even a possibility. Thank you for any responses
You hired an attorney. This is an excellent question to ask the attorney you hired. I encourage you do just that.
My question is I have got the SR-22 and I am waiting on the company to get the interlock system hopefully tomorrow. I just realized my license through the state of MO expires tomorrow do I still need to get that updated at the DMV in order to get the restricted driving privilege? They took my license at the time of the charge?
You should still go and renew your license. Even though there is the administrative action to suspend your driving...
A felony DWI.
Your question is very open. There are many good attorneys on this website, you should contact one.
My court order states that I must submit to drug and alcohol testing, but there is no box on the form, checked or unchecked, mentioning whether or not you could be prohibited from drinking alcohol. My probation check-ins are done via mail as I live two hours away from my probation officer. I do not want to ask my probation officer as it has been a year since I started probation, and I honestly do not remember if I asked at the time I first met with them.
Generally no, most probation, particularly for DUI include no alcohol. With that said, the probation orders in KC will...