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Carrollton Crime

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  • Weekly Arrest Reports

    Yesterday | via The Heard Citizen 

    Heard County Sheriff, Ross Henry, has issued the following list of individuals arrested in Heard County including their various charges: Richard Arlyn Heard, Jr., 31, Five Notch Road, Franklin, GA 30217, arrested on 07/25/2017, charged with Violation of Probation. Franklin Police Chief, Kevin Hannah, has issued the following list of individuals arrested in the city of Franklin and their various charges: Jessica Gray, 36, Longview Street, Carrollton, GA 30117, arrested on 07/23/2017, charged with VGCSA , Possession of Methamphetamine, Drug Related Objects and Marijuana Less Than 1 oz.


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  • Prison sentence for Muscatine Walmart stabbing incident

    Friday Jun 30 | via KWQC-TV Davenport 

    A Georgia man has been given up to 10-years in prison for an incident that took place earlier this year at Walmart on Highway 61. Prosecutors say 22-year-old Sonny Ray Boyce of Carrollton, Georgia was sentenced after pleading guilty to theft in the first degree and willful injury causing bodily injury. According to the prosecutor, an investigation by the Muscatine Police Department showed that Boyce had taken a wallet containing U.S. Currency from the victim during an altercation at the Muscatine Walmart.


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Carrollton Law

Is it legal to post a picture of a vehicle with its license plate showing?
This person passed me while I was going 55 mph (the legal limit) at an intersection and on a double yellow line. I managed to stay behind him and snapped his picture on a public road about 3 miles from where his offense occurred. It's the second time this same vehicle has done this to just ME in a 4-day time span. I'd like to post his vehicle picture and expose him for the dangerous driver he is.
I wouldn’t recommend that. If you want to do some good file the complaint with the local authorities. Provide them with...
How long does a careless driving stay on your record
It was raining real hard truck had stoped in the middle of the freway and i swirved to miss it but wound up hiting it
Well, that is limited information. What were you charged with?
What's the most that can happen for a 2nd offense of no insurance and a first offense of suspended license and no registration?
Pulled over found out my license was suspended so that's why I was taken to jail. 3 citations all totaling 3,111.50. Officer said he only arrested me because my license were suspended.
If you are convicted, then Lots of fines, time in jail and fees to get your license reinstated - might want to hire...
How do I beat an unwarranted DUI charge?
I'm 36 no criminal or drug history, and a clean driving record minus a few speeding citations. A few days ago, around 5 pm, I was pulled over for speeding, which I was guilty of. I was accompanied by my 8 yr old daughter and 2 yr old grandson. After questioning my speeding, the officer insinuates that I'm drunk? I giggled and ask if he was serious, informed him that I don't drink. Questions continue about alcohol consumption, I of course deny any alcohol or illegal drug use. He asks me to step out of the car for a few tests... I abide. Before beginning he ask what drugs I was on. I explain to him that I took my prescribed adderall and allergy meds in the am, and a couple of ibuprofen a few hours ago for a headache. Ask what's adderall for, I explain for my Adhd. He proceeds with his sobriety tests, and then says I can get back in the car. After a few minutes he returns, states that I failed the first tests and would like me to repeat them. I ask why, he replied I didn't follow his directions? Which I can say I did to the best of my abilities! Being ADHD I explained it is hard to concentrate especially under stress! He has me repeat tests(which I pass twice) and then arrested me
Not at all uncommon. Best to hire the best. You can find. And you can find some of the best here on Avvo.
How do i dispute. A piss test that was dirty due to my medications and got. Locked up because of this and they are try to charge
Me with vop . they came in middle of the night and piss tested me im a male can a female test me by paperwork states a male has to be present
You dispute it by hiring a lawyer to represent you. Don't have any idea if a female can piss test you doesn't seem right.
How can i obtain a work permit being that i got a DUI when i was 18, they want money to pay for it, but obviously i need a job
Got a DUI at 18 and am 26 now can i get a work permit
Oh, you have to have a permit to work in GA? That is news to me. Perhaps you mean a permit to drive to work, and you...
What can my 20 yr old daughter expect to happen with a CUA nearly a year after DUI?
My then 19 yr old daughter was pulled over and arrested for DUI on April 1, 2013. She has completed paying all fines, community service, DUI class, etc. She is due for official dismissal on July 29, 2014, when a year has elapsed since her court date. Earlier this week, while at a college town party on the square, she was approached by an officer and asked for her ID. Since she doesn't have one because of the DUI, he said she was lying. She made the mistake of giving up a fake ID and was arrested. The officer told her he would let her off on a warning had she produced her ID. She's got to be either the most unlucky OR stupid kid I know. SO CLOSE to the end and now this. She's going to see her probation officer today to tell her. What is the best outcome? Worst? What should she do?
The worst possible outcome is that she has to spend the rest of her sentence in jail. Hire a lawyer before she goes to...