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  • Ex-Carpentersville man convicted after threatening w...

    Oct 29, 2015 | via Northwest Herald 

    CARPENTERSVILLE – A former Carpentersville man was convicted of unlawfully possessing a handgun Wednesday in connection with a March incident in which he shot through his cousin's wall and held a gun to a woman's head, the Kane County State's Attorney's Office said. Chad W. Conway, 37, most recently of the 11000 block of Oxbow Drive, Roscoe, was convicted by a Kane County jury of being an armed habitual criminal, a Class X felony, according to a news release from the state's attorney's office.


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Am I able to get an underage drinking ticket removed from my record
Received a ticket for walking outside with alcohol and I'm only 20. I tried to pay the ticket but it was too late and now I have to go to court and they said it will go on my record. This is my first drinking ticket.
Who is "they?" he ticket will go no your record whether or not you pay the fine but you are best served by hiring a...
I received a request for explanation from S.O.S. "Five or more unsuccessful attempts to start the vehicle within 24 hours."
After 1 YR. 6 MO. with an intoxalock in my car, I got it removed today. I am going tomorrow to get my license. I had two violations which should explain the 6 month extension. I received a request for explanation 4 days ago. It states as follows: "Five or more unsuccessful attempts to start the vehicle within 24 hours." 1:18pm RETEST PASSED .031 FAIL, 2:01pm RETEST PASSED .038 FAIL, 2:19pm RETEST PASSED .034 FAIL, 2:38pm RETEST PASSED .030 FAIL and 2:57pm RETEST PASSED .026 FAIL. The threshold for a rolling retest is .050 which I I did not exceed. I do not see any violation. The letter I send will be up for review. I know if my explanation is not sufficient I will be re suspended 3 months plus 30 days impound. Am I in violation? Can I hire a lawyer to write the letter? PLEASE HELP!
You can absolutely hire a lawyer to correspond with and represent you for purposes of your response to the Secretary of...
Of Cook, DuPage, Kane, and McHenry, how do these counties differ in DUI prosecution? (i.e which are the worse, etc)
Does it matter if its the county or local prosecutor who is prosecuting?
There are vast differences in the way cases are handled within the various counties you have mentioned and within the...
I was cited in MO for DWI, I live in IL. I had 2 past incidents. 1 was 10 yrs ago, the other 7 years ago. Can I avoid prison?
The DUI from 10 years ago is on my "public" record, but says Dismissed. The other shows DUI-reduced to reckless driving. I'm not sure what those mean or if they count as prior, and if convicted on the MO count, will IL consider this my 3rd. I'm a nervous wreck and scared for my life. I don't know what to do.
Here is a certainty. If you are convicted in MO, your Illinois Driving Privileges will be revoked. Beyond that,...
Arrested for DUI, unfortunately I have already done supervision in 2004. So this is a second arrest, odds of a plea down?
I was pulled over for speeding, the officer asked if I knew why, I said "no" . He states I was speeding and asks for my license and registration . After giving my license and registration, he asked if I had anything to drink, I said "a little", he then directed me to step out and participate in field sobriety tests. At that point I stated without speaking or seeing my lawyer I would not participate in any FSTs, I had to reiterate this a few times ( I'm guessing to hear my slurred speech) and eventually asked me to step outside of my car and place my hands on the car, I was then arrested. At booking I remained silent and refused the breathalyzer
You need a DUI defense attorney. This simple online Q&A forum is not adequate for your needs. Fortunately, there are...
How likely is jail time and/or revocation of license for a 1st DUI offense at 18 with one prior juvenile misdemeanor?
Charged with a DUI in Boone County, and refused the breathalyzer test. The officer explained arrestee was combative and admitted to smoking weed, and taking dmt and acid on Notice of Summary Suspension/Revocation. Also found more than 2.5grams but less than 10 grams of weed in the car. Had to get sent to the E.R, and was dispatched afterwards and went home. Court date for the juvenile charge of drug paraphernalia to be expunged 7 days before court date for the DUI.
Not very likely but you seem to be working at it. Consult a lawyer to get the best possible deal.
I am on probation for a DUI in Kane county Illinois and my time is running out.
I am on probation and missed a court date. I now have a warrant and my end date for probation is nearing. I still have some of my fees that need to be paid and have to do the counseling. Due to finical restraints from court ordered child support I have not been able to keep on track but have a new job offer. Should I get a new court date and ask for some more time to complete or should I complete everything then go back to court. Thank you in advance for your comments!!!
There is an active warrant for your arrest and you think that you have a choice? What you should do is hire an attorney...