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My boyfriend got a DUI 3 years ago & his probation ends in June. He has not completed 18 months of classes. Is this a violation?
The violation was 3 years ago. He has a blower on his vehicle, which he has not driven in about 2 years. He hasn't been able to pay for classes, the blower, anything. When he met with his probation officer, she told him his probation ends in June. Because he hasn't completed classes, what will happen at the end of his probation? What needs to be done to prevent more trouble?
I suspect both you and your b/f already know the answer. Of course it's a violation. He was ordered to COMPLETE the...
What affect does a DUI in CA have on me in CO?
I got a DUI in CA 6 years ago. I am not on probation, I have paid all my fines and have a CA license. Will I have to file an SR22 in CO? Will I have any issues trying to obtain a CO driver's license?
The best thing to do is to consult an experienced DUI attorney in Colorado. However, if there are no license holds out...
Got a dui in oregon, have california liscense, did court required classes for oregon, now dmv wants calif. cert. Classes?
Do I need to do calif. Classes too?
You may as well have received that offense in CA... the DMV is going to treat your case as if it did occur here... same...
Is there case law or a legal defense to beat 5 nanogram THC blood level DUI?
Please help
Speak to a DUI attorney right away. Say nothing more here. Use Find a Lawyer here to help.
I am a diabetic and have recently been approached at work for "your breath smells like alcohol".
I insisted on an alcohol test and it came back at .041. What reasons could there be? I do breathing treatments and take lots of other medications.
Only you know what you put in your body. Anything we would say would be speculation. Robert Driessen
My BAC level wasn't written down
nor did the officer ever tell me my actual BAC when he did the breathalyzer. He also never informed me that the field sobriety tests were optional or that he was going to begin them. I lve in CA and recieved a 23140vc (an infraction). all I know is that according to that code my BAC must have been between .05-.07 though he did not tell me nor write my actualy BAC; and I find it hard to believe it was that high when I drank very little four and a half hours prior to getting pulled over (for a broken tail light) Because I am under 21, will my license be automatically suspended for 1 year? could i get it reduce or possibly expunged all together if I fight it wit the DMV hearing?
The good news is you are only looking at an infraction and not a misdemeanor. You have 10 days to schedule a hearing...
Never recieved a bill for DUI
its been 6 months since my DUI, Everything has been completed and I have my license back ( but I still dont have a car and prefer public transportation), except paying the fine. I waited about a month after court, didnt recieve a bill like my paperwork said I would, so I directly called Department of Revenue Recovery... Well after searching several times they have NO RECORD of me. She told me to call the court and "remind them" to send over my paperwork... So of course at this point im thinking.... what if I dont call? its been 6 months and still no records. Did I fall through the cracks? If im not so lucky, dont ever call the court, and somehow a few years down the road its discovered and sent over to DR, what kind of penilty fines am I looking at?
You are taking a real chance by failing to follow up on concluding the DUI with the Court.Certainly, as you point out ,...