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I got a DUI in CA 6 years ago. I am not on probation, I have paid all my fines and have a CA license. Will I have to file an SR22 in CO? Will I have any issues trying to obtain a CO driver's license?
The best thing to do is to consult an experienced DUI attorney in Colorado. However, if there are no license holds out...
In 2005 at a stop, Foot slipped off my brakes and slightly bumped into the vehicle in front of me.The vehicle involved occurred no damage. Me and the vehicle pilled into the Target parking lot to park. Meanwhile, a CHP officer was at the same intersection. The officer pulled me out of my vehicle where he screamed that I was drunk. I indicated that I don't drink because I had recently had heart implant surgery done and as far as drugs, I indicated the only drugs I take were the ones my Veterans doctors prescribed. He took a breathalyzer which measured 0 cent.searched my vehicle found nothing. Year after year of continuances followed Then jail and released days later and beaten.No plea at court car and out impound Also evidence was lost. In possession of all docs. SUIT? CHP did sign off
A very convoluted situation. Are you trying to sue? are you asking about a DUI?
Do I need to do calif. Classes too?
You may as well have received that offense in CA... the DMV is going to treat your case as if it did occur here... same...
Please help
Speak to a DUI attorney right away. Say nothing more here. Use Find a Lawyer here to help.
Daughter got a DUI in CA 20 days before her 18th. .09. Do I have to pay the fines if she can't? Can she just go to jail rather than us pay the fines? And yes, I know, go get a lawyer.... Its in every response.
Pursuant to WIC 730.7(a) you may be jointly and severally liable if you have physical custody.
I insisted on an alcohol test and it came back at .041. What reasons could there be? I do breathing treatments and take lots of other medications.
Only you know what you put in your body. Anything we would say would be speculation. Robert Driessen
nor did the officer ever tell me my actual BAC when he did the breathalyzer. He also never informed me that the field sobriety tests were optional or that he was going to begin them. I lve in CA and recieved a 23140vc (an infraction). all I know is that according to that code my BAC must have been between .05-.07 though he did not tell me nor write my actualy BAC; and I find it hard to believe it was that high when I drank very little four and a half hours prior to getting pulled over (for a broken tail light) Because I am under 21, will my license be automatically suspended for 1 year? could i get it reduce or possibly expunged all together if I fight it wit the DMV hearing?
The good news is you are only looking at an infraction and not a misdemeanor. You have 10 days to schedule a hearing...