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I got arrested last month for underage drinking. I'm 16 years old and I live in California
We were at a park and my friends and I both had 2 beers each. We saw a flashlight from far away and my friend said it was the cop so he left and went home. I decided to walk back home too and a police officer stopped me to ask me questions. He smelled the alcohol in my breath and he arrested me. He said that he saw me with another kid. He took my cell phone and he decided to text my friend (he told him that the cops were cool and that I wanted to come to his house so could he please give me his adress). As soon as they got his adress, they went to his house. I'll need to go in court in a couple weeks and I want to know if I need a lawyer because I don’t want to lose my driver’s license (it is my first offense). I also want to know if it was legal for the police officer to text my friend.
You should hire an attorney because you do not want to lose your driver's license. As to the legality of the police...
Can a court retry me again if they didn't catch my prior DUI?
About 6 months ago i was EXTREMELY LUCKY and got charged for a 1st offender when it should have been my 3rd where I already had 2! Those were in another county and < 10 years old. So, if i wanted to go to the LUCKY court again and ask I finish and accept the DUI classes out of their county because of the drive, do you think this *gives them an opportunity to catch those other DUI's (a relook opportunity) and enhance my probation, etc with them or retry me again?
I think you would be extremely wise to retain a good criminal defense attorney asap.
How much of a 28 day sentence for a first time DUI offense will I actually serve in the Salinas Women's jail if I choose?
I was sentenced to 28 days in Monterey County (Salinas Jail) for a first time DUI offense. Originally I completed an alcohol program for 20 days credit but because I missed the date to complete the final 8 days I had to have my attorney go in and request a remodification which vacated my credits and put me back at 28 days. My question is two-fold, if I do Work Alternative I do not think with my work schedule I will be able to do 2 days of community service a week so is it better to just serve the time? Secondly, if I do turn myself in then what should I estimate will be the actual time I will serve? I am a female.
Have you asked your attorney this question? Probably no more than 14 days.
Can the DMV order a 2 year IID requirement after my DL was reinstated?
I received 2 DUIs within 10 years and pled guilty to VC 14601.5 in 2010. I completed all requirements and DMV reinstated my DL. I have now received an order from the DMV to install an IID for 2 years - from 2016 to 2018.
Can they do it? It appears they HAVE, so you're going to have to do one of two things: 1) Put an IID on your car for...
My husband was just arrested at our home for dui crash. they have proof. he left a bar and hit a parked car what can we do?
my husband was just arrested at our home for dui crash. they have a cell phone pic of his liscence as he left a bar and hit a parked car. he was home for at least 45 minutes? he said he drank while home what can we do? Seaside, California.
Contact an experienced dui attorney in your area right away
Is it mandatory to blow into a home DUI monitor?
Concurrent 2 DUI convictions sentenced to 40 days jail, not on probation or court ordered I volunteer to be supervised home instead of work alternative.
Your question is very confusing. Have you discussed this with your lawyer?
What do I need to do to get my license in VA?
I rec'd and was convicted of 2 DUIs in CA in 2014. I am 6 months into the 18-mo DUI classes, installed the mandatory IID for a year, and currently have a restricted license, along with the 3 yr probation. I want to move to VA soon for a job and want to know, since VA does not have an 18-mo DUI class, how am I supposed to get my license back since I cannot complete the CA classes, thus not meeting the CA DMV requirements? Can I take a similar course in VA even though not 18-mos to satisfy? Will VA even give me a restricted license with two DUIs?
Honestly, your best bet is to finish everything in CA before you move. Otherwise you will be involved in the...