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How do I obtain public records for Russ in my County DUI motor vehicle
I'm trying to obtain records of an individual who is not myself pertaining to a recent arrest in Putnam County New York last month & possible conviction, how do I get these records?
Most clerk's offices have online records systems. Type in the information you want and search for the case. Or, go down...
Can you tell me the consequences for accidentally trespassing into someones home when drunk?
My friend, he's 20, was really drunk and he blacked out in someones house down the road. The people living there found him in the morning and didn't know him so they called the police and pressed charges for breaking in. He has no idea how he got there. I am guessing he will be charged with trespassing in the second degree and fined for underage drinking.
It starts out with what crime is he being charged with. If its trespass, with no damage. he will probably not do any...
Can i sue a police officer fr wrongful arrest and harrassment?
bac was 0 before,arrest
The issue is whether the police had probable cause to arrest you. What did the Officer say in the Criminal Court complaint?
Are these testing conditions valid for field sobriety tests pertaining to DWI/DWAI charge in New York?
Can any of the following be used to challenge the validity of the walk-and-turn and/or one-leg-stand: 1) ambient temperature 51° F 2) windy conditions due to site being shoulder of expressway at top of mountain (wind chill discomfort aspect and/or force of wind itself) Can the fact that the cruiser's emergency lights were still flashing be used to challenge validity of the walk-and-turn, as they would have been flashing in subject's eyes for the return 9 steps? (One leg stand was done facing away from cruiser lights.) In officer's nighttime roadside demonstration of walk-and-turn, are officer's arms supposed to be at his side? He was holding flashlight with one hand and other hand was in front, pointing down.
The standard field sobriety tests are subject to challenge. They are designed to be administered on a dry, flat...
Searching for expert witness(es) for DWI/DWAI case in New York: eye condition, contact lenses, and field sobriety tests
For DWI case in New York, I would like to find individual(s) who can testify as expert on two topics: First, someone to testify that someone who is a wearer of rigid gas permeable hard contact lenses and/or suffers from eye condition keratoconus can both experience sudden and severe ocular pain that can give rise to errant driving and exhibit an appearance and characteristics that police commonly consider indication of intoxication, and that police can and do mistake the two despite their training. Second, I would like to find an expert witness who can review a dash cam video recording of actual performance of field sobriety tests and can testify as to their unreliability in general. Names of such individuals or simply where/how to search for such individuals would be helpful.
Isn't this something your lawyer should be doing? In any event, I think you need an ophthalmologist for the first...
Can you get a DUI almost 4 months after an accident?
My brother was in a very bad car accident. He was in ICU for a month and then he was in TBI therapy for a month, he has been home for about 1.5 months since the accident in September. On Christmas Eve the officer called and said he would be getting charged with a DUI because he had THC present in his system. He has told us he did not smoke that morning before the accident but did within the last couple of days. I have read that if it appears in his system even if he was not impaired he could still be charged. (which is the case but we can not wrap our head around the fact that this is almost 4 months later) How can they go from telling my mom over and over that there was nothing in his system to now this?
Your brother should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney ASAP for possible representation if in fact he...
How many times can the DAs office postpone motions hearings before a DWI case is tossed out
I was charged with DWI March 17, 2016. I was offered and accepted to have blood work test done but due to some circumstances that was never completed so there is no evidence of my blood alcohol content. My lawyer has filed motions to suppress some Evidence and the DAs office has been postponing it since August 2016 six times now. The last time we were at court the judge told the DA to schedule this and the next time it's postponed he's tossing it out for lack of due process. My question is should it not be tossed out by now?
There is case law that says the failure by the DA to timely comply with a motion schedule is chargable for speedy trial...