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On probation 4 minor consumption but am now 22. I'm on probo in Hamilton County Indiana. I drank 2d ago..Will I Be ETG tested???
Never failed a drug test or alcohol test before. On my last month of probation currently.
Hang on, let me check my crystal ball for you. Nope, it's not working. Why even take the chance of being violated at all?
If I am charged with OWI in Hamilton County, IN, is my driver's license automatically taken away by law enforcement?
I was told by my attorney that law enforcement normally takes one's driver's license when charged with an OWI, however, mine was never taken. Could this be a mistake? I continue to contact the BMV to make sure that it is still valid. So far it is.
Seems like it, it has happened to a couple of my clients and i tell them to keep checking the DMV.
My girlfriend has 14 days left of house arrest in hamilton county but failed a breathalizer what would her penalties be?
My girlfriend is currently on house arrest for her second DUI she dId 7 days in jail 90 days work release and 2 months house arrest and 14 days left when she failed the test
they can violate her and send her to jail, but no one can predict what a judge will do.
Probation Violations on DUI and Hamilton County, Indiana urine analysis.
My daughter recently had a misdemeanor DUI in Hamilton County, Indiana and was given a suspended sentence and currently on one year probation. The terms of her probation include no alcohol consumption of any kind. I still find my daughter testing this and continuing to drink, and I want to be able to give her the facts on what will happen if she is randomly tested and found to have alcohol in her system. Also, is it known if the test they use is a EtG test (my research has shown these may be deemed unreliable, but can show alcohol for up to 80 hours) or a standard ethyl alcohol test? I think more hard FACTS may help convince her to follow her guidelines.
If the fear of jail is not enough to get her to flee alcohol, she is probably addicted. I know if I was arrested and...
I'm on probation & have a ankle device to be monitored. I want to have AT&T DSL service on my home phone.
I want to have AT&T DSL service for my Internet connection, will this interfere with the monitoring device?
Call the company that owns the monitoring devise; or the agency which oversees the monitoring (might be the probation...
I got a DUI in California 6 years ago and was not working so I couldn't afford the payments. I now live in a different state.
I moved to Indiana and now I want to pay off my court fees and try to get a license. However, I did not complete the 3 month AA classes that are required for first-time offenders. Can I pay the court fees and request a 1650 waiver packet for California DUI to get a license in Indiana? Since it has been 6 years will I still be required to hold SR22 insurance in Indiana? Thank you for your time.
You have a big mess. I would first call an attorney in California near the city where the courthouse was because you...
Can you obtain a liquor serving license with an OWI?
Was charged with OWI recently and then got hired as a server at a restaurant that serves alcohol. I want to ensure that I can get a liquor serving license before starting training.
A owi should not have a bearing on your liquor serving license. Contact the board agency to make sure.