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I received a DUI in Carmel California in December 2007 but did not appear. I have not heard from the Court...what do I do?
Original filing date in Monterey County Superior Court was January 29, 2008. Court date was January 31, 2008.
You should contact a local attorney and do not make contact with the court/district attorney until you've gotten...
How to handle three ongoing DUI related cases, one took place five years ago?
I have three ongoing DUI related cases; however, they are still ongoing. So there is no probation. One should be dismissed due to the technicality issues. It took place in two different states.
There is really no way to give you anything close to good advice with the sparse facts here, but typically, when I have...
Motion to suppress blood evidence due to technicality issues.
My spouse whose English proficiency was chased by a stranger who got pissed by being cut and prevented my husband from parking his car at the apartment's parking lot. He thought he would get shot. Another driver He was handcuffed first and no rights were read to him and lied about him failing the breathe test. He got arrested in the parking lot of the appartment. He was denied an interpreter or an attoney. One cop made threats against him one after another to say to throw him in jail if he asked an interpreter. He called me but they did not wait for me to show up. He has never agreed to blood test. He did no understand when he read his rights. Should he be entitled to an interpreter? Then, he told him it the blood sample was negative, the charge would be dropped. He lied on the rpt
THere are some very complicated issues here, you need to actually speak to a DUI lawyer. If you wish, you can contact...
My son who is almost 20 recently got a DUI can he still be a cop in California?
He has wanted to be a cop since he was 7- even spent time doing the "cadet progam" at a local dept. Stupid stupid stupid mistake. The lawyer and I told him that if he stays out of trouble, and gets his degree in 4 or 5 years he can still apply because they look at overall character and record. He is convinced that his dream has been dashed forever.
This question is very hard to answer and give you a definitive answer. I would say that a single DUI when he was 20...
Is it mandatory to blow into a home DUI monitor?
Concurrent 2 DUI convictions sentenced to 40 days jail, not on probation or court ordered I volunteer to be supervised home instead of work alternative.
Your question is very confusing. Have you discussed this with your lawyer?
What do I need to do to get my license in VA?
I rec'd and was convicted of 2 DUIs in CA in 2014. I am 6 months into the 18-mo DUI classes, installed the mandatory IID for a year, and currently have a restricted license, along with the 3 yr probation. I want to move to VA soon for a job and want to know, since VA does not have an 18-mo DUI class, how am I supposed to get my license back since I cannot complete the CA classes, thus not meeting the CA DMV requirements? Can I take a similar course in VA even though not 18-mos to satisfy? Will VA even give me a restricted license with two DUIs?
Honestly, your best bet is to finish everything in CA before you move. Otherwise you will be involved in the...
How much can I sue for drunk driver hit me?
I was a passenger in my friends car accident my friend and I were going about 55mph a drunk driver from other side of road hit us we went on two wheels in ditch totaled our car air bags never went off my upper spine neck and shoulder were very badly strained . It's been 2 weeks now and through the night my pain comes on and I constantly have bad dreams about it. Please help..
I am sorry you had such a bad accident and are still having emotional distress. Yes, first you need to hire a Personal...