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    Saturday Dec 30 | via Carlsbad Current-Argus 

    An audit by the New Mexico State Auditor's Office revealed that Lori Whitaker, former manager of the Otis Mutual Domestic Water Consumers and Sewage Works Association, had allegedly embezzled $850,000 from the association over a two year period, beginning in 2015. The Auditor's Office said the money had been used by Whitaker for "gambling" purposes.


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  • Olivas ordered to pay $25K for 2015 shooting

    Thursday Dec 21 | via Carlsbad Current-Argus 

    Emanuel Olivas, 24, plead no contest and was found guilty in July 2017 for shooting at or from a motor vehicle, resulting in great bodily harm of Robert England. A Carlsbad man convicted of a 2015 Christmas Eve drive-by shooting was ordered to pay $25,000 to the victim Thursday at a restitution hearing.


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  • CPD investigates larceny in Carlsbad

    Dec 14, 2017 | via Carlsbad Current-Argus 

    The Carlsbad Police Department is investigating a larceny in which a backpack was stolen from the residence of Carlsbad Brine Well Remediation Advisory Authority designee John Heaton. The total value of the items in the backpack is unknown, but Heaton said the items in the bag taken Dec. 7 from his Riverside Drive home included a laptop and documents for a presentation to Gov. Susana Martinez's office in Santa Fe.


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Carlsbad Law

If my dui is cleared thru the court can the dmv still require me to do the interlock
I failed to comply with my dui terms and was given jail time for each condition i was given including not doing the interlock
Yes. A license revocation period can extend past a court's jurisdiction over the individual. As evidence of this,...
Can I get a MN occupational license and use it out of state since I work in New Mexico and Texas?
I currently live in New Mexico and was cited for a OWI in Wisconsin with a Minnesota's drivers license. I was convicted and I am under the impression that I will soon lose my license once Wisconsin notifies Minnesota. If I go back to MN to obtain an occupational license will New Mexico recognize that as a legitimate license?
New Mexico no longer has occupational licenses. Instead our Department of Motor Behicles issues Interlock licenses....
Jailed 3 times in last 6 years, signed extradition papers ea time. In jail 10 days now again.. How long can they hold me.
Wreck 6 years ago, Was given no tickets but keep getting arrested and held for 2 weeks or more awaiting extradition, They don't come get me and eventually they let me out. I can't get out this time. Losing my job,
Until you deal with the case in the state where it is from, the warrant remains live.
How long does DWI stay on public criminal record in New Mexico?
How long does a DWI stay on public criminal record in New mexico?
I'm a Florida lawyer, and you should consult a NM lawyer, but if you've been "convicted" of a crime, like DUI, it will...
Is there a statute of limitations on texas drivers license surcharges? Mine are 8 years old, I just found out about it.
New Mexico won't give me a renewal on my license until i clear up a texas drivers license surcharge from 8 years ago. I was never notified about it until now, and have had two licenses since then. These surcharges amount to 8,000 dollars. I can't pay it, can't work,, can't get insurance. etc. I am forced to drive without insurance, but can't get a job.
I am not licensed in the State of Texas; however I am not aware of there being a statute of limitations on motor...
I am attempting to obtain a New Mexico Driver's License but was told i had to talk to DWI unit due to TX DWI 10 years ago
Main detail is that I was not permitted to obtain DL without talking to DWI unit. Have current ND DL and have not had any subsequent charges on driving records. Completed multiple courses post TX DWI including ankle monitor for alcohol.
Sounds like you had best follow their advice--speak to a TX attorney in the county where the court sits: either...
What can I expect?
I was stopped for a "turn signal not coming on", even though it did, last night. I have a work restricted license and was leaving from the local grocery store and the officer cited me for having a suspended license and sent me to court. I have played this game with the court 5 other times for the same citation. Just want to know if that will leave an effect on the decision and whether or not I should fight it.
Should you "fight" it? Yes, and no. If you plead Note Guolty and ask for a court date, the officer may consider (...