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When should I get my restricted license?
I have a DUI charge. I have no record. I am currently being represented by a public defender who told me she cannot talk to me about my license and the DMV. I have court next month and I believe I will be pleading guilty to a DUI. I believe my BAC was .14%. I am about to be eligible to get my restricted license. The suspension went into effect on February 3. Should I get my restricted license or wait until our next date of March 24? I heard someone in my OHS class say if I get a restricted license now I will have to do it again. Please help me understand what is best. Thank you.
The best thing for you to do is hire a private attorney to take over your case. A .14 is not necessarily a case that...
How long do I need to have an Interlock device on for from a 2nd DUI?
I went to court and resolved a 2nd time DUI. I had a low blood alcohol level and due to being cooperative I got a break and had fair terms. I heard I do not have to wait the year out for the suspension and can get a restricted license if I get the interlock device in my car. How long do I have to keep the interlock device on for if I decide to get it? I have tried calling the number to Sacramento but I cannot get in touch with anyone. Information is appreciated.
Second time offenders are generally required to have the device installed for 12 months
Third dui
I have a great job which i need to keep to pay my bills i just recently got a 3rd dui and i wanted to kno what is the possibility the judge will grant me house arrest if I have a full time job
A lot of this depends upon the facts of your current case, the recency of your prior arrests, and the facts surrounding...
“I was not breathalyzed or blood drawn before or after i was arrested for a mis DUI
I had just got off work (brewery) I had an 8 oz glass of beer an hour before work ended and went to my car and had a crushed windshield. I was alone in parking lot in a very dark and secluded area and thought it best to just try and drive home. My bad judgement was not driving under the influence but driving with s broken windshield. I came upon a check point and upon entering hit a cone because there were three lanes merging and I could properly see out my window. The officers found two month old coors light cans. I was arrested. I was not breathalyzed, not did they take blood. many saw when I left work I was sober, even officers commented. "We can let this one go" I was also not read my rights. Do I have any chance of getting rid of this?
You may have have a defensible case that can be handled prefile, or before the DA has actually issued any charges. A...
What's the best way to avoid a license suspension with a 25662(a) BP possession of an alcoholic beverage by a minor (MISD)
I got caught with one beer at Qualcomm stadium for super cross, and I'm seven teen. I've had possession of marijuana in the past, but went through diversion and it was removed from my record. They don't offer diversion twice is what I herd, and I really just don't want to lose the license and I know that's coming what are some good things to do to help persuade the judge not to suspend it.
You need to have your parents hire the best attorney that they can afford to handle your matter and answer specific...
I just got my first DUI and the DMV is saying it is my second because of an MIP i got when I was under 21. Is this right?
So I will lose my license for a year now? But it wasnt even a DUI. Is there anything I can do to have them treat it like my first DUI? Do I have to take the multiple offender classes now? I dont understand
As far as the length of suspension goes they are correct... but you do not have to do a second offender DUI class....
Should an attorney with past DUI convictions have those posted online on their State Bar webpage as a matter of public record?
I had a terrible experience with an attorney who left me in custody AFTER I paid him to appeal a minor misdemeanor conviction; in fact I was entitled to remain out on the bond I already posted (under CPC 1272). He let me languish for months while my right to appeal expired. Had I KNOWN this attorney had these issues from the beginning I wouldn't have hired him in the first place. Would posting this information better protect the public?
There are too few facts here to link the lawyer's illness to his neglect. The mere fact that an attorney has a DUI...