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  • Smitten Joanna Krupa locks lips with husband Romain ...

    Wednesday Apr 29 | via Daily Mail 

    Thousands of protesters take to the streets of six American cities for third night of anger over the unexplained death of Freddie Gray 'I've had friend's beaten and killed by the police': Teen who was filmed being told off by his mom for rioting speaks out - and says he now 'regrets' his actions Hillary says the nation is in 'urgent need' of criminal justice reform and calls for body cameras for all police officers EXCLUSIVE: 'I can't wait to get my hands on him' - what mom of 23-year-old arrested in riots said of her son as dozens held by police during violence appear in court Obama says he might make a trip to Baltimore 'once things clear up' but doesn't want to overburden police by going right now Let's NOT go out to the ballgame: Baltimore hosts baseball's first ever game behind closed doors amid Freddie Gray protests Mayor 'told police to STAND DOWN while Baltimore began to burn ... (more)


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  • Judge rejects plea deal for con man

    Tuesday Apr 28 | via The San Diego Union-Tribune 

    Deputy District Attorney Anna Winn stands with victims in the case of Dennis Long, who pleaded guilty to felony charges stemming from a Ponzi-type scam that defrauded investors out of nearly $1 million. Some of the victims were people he befriended through Bible study.


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  • Married for 22 years, stabbed 30 times

    Thursday Apr 23 | via San Diego Reader 

    A 50-year-old Mexican national admitted stabbing his wife to death and expects to get 20 years in a California state prison at his sentencing next month. The admission on the felony plea deal form reads: "Killed my wife, Ariflor Zurita, with malice aforethought and used a knife."


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  • Carlsbad Police: Crime Rate Down in City

    Thursday Apr 23 | via 

    A San Diego Association of Governments report states that Carlsbad's violent crime rate decreased 9 percent in 2014 when compared with 2013. The city of Carlsbad this week reported that its crime rate is down, based on statistics provided by the FBI.


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  • Carlsbad High School students prove they're on the r...

    Monday Apr 20 | via KFMB-TV San Diego 

    Science, technology, engineering, art and math - they are skills our children learn in school. But what happens when students are asked to combine them together in a timed competition? A CBS News 8 viewer emailed us about this unusual contest at her daughter's school.


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  • Shooting Reported in Carlsbad, no Victims Found

    Friday Apr 17 | via 

    Carlsbad police were investigating the report of an assault with a deadly weapon involving a gun but no victims were found.


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  • Man arrested after overnight rollover accident on I-805

    Sunday Apr 5 | via KFMB-TV San Diego 

    A man in women's clothing rolled his Jeep Cherokee on the off-ramp just before 3:00 a.m. A man was hospitalized after a sea lion bit and dragged him underwater.Witnesses said the man was standing on a boat with a fish in his hand, when the sea lion lunged at him and dragged him overboard. A man was hospitalized after a sea lion bit and dragged him underwater.Witnesses said the man was standing on a boat with a fish in his hand, when the sea lion lunged at him and dragged him overboard.


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Carlsbad Law

So I got a DUI last April when I was 18 and had a high fine because I was under 21
And had a year suspension that is up and still have a large amount of the fine to pay and I still can't get my license until my fine is paid what can I do to speed up this process
Contact the attorney who helped you with your case in Juvenile Court. If your fine payments are current and you've...
“I was not breathalyzed or blood drawn before or after i was arrested for a mis DUI
I had just got off work (brewery) I had an 8 oz glass of beer an hour before work ended and went to my car and had a crushed windshield. I was alone in parking lot in a very dark and secluded area and thought it best to just try and drive home. My bad judgement was not driving under the influence but driving with s broken windshield. I came upon a check point and upon entering hit a cone because there were three lanes merging and I could properly see out my window. The officers found two month old coors light cans. I was arrested. I was not breathalyzed, not did they take blood. many saw when I left work I was sober, even officers commented. "We can let this one go" I was also not read my rights. Do I have any chance of getting rid of this?
You may have have a defensible case that can be handled prefile, or before the DA has actually issued any charges. A...
What is caution number 7423303 in California San Diego law
Or it might be caution number 2423303 what's it mean
I do not know, I suspect it is a city code.
What's the best way to avoid a license suspension with a 25662(a) BP possession of an alcoholic beverage by a minor (MISD)
I got caught with one beer at Qualcomm stadium for super cross, and I'm seven teen. I've had possession of marijuana in the past, but went through diversion and it was removed from my record. They don't offer diversion twice is what I herd, and I really just don't want to lose the license and I know that's coming what are some good things to do to help persuade the judge not to suspend it.
You need to have your parents hire the best attorney that they can afford to handle your matter and answer specific...
I just got my first DUI and the DMV is saying it is my second because of an MIP i got when I was under 21. Is this right?
So I will lose my license for a year now? But it wasnt even a DUI. Is there anything I can do to have them treat it like my first DUI? Do I have to take the multiple offender classes now? I dont understand
As far as the length of suspension goes they are correct... but you do not have to do a second offender DUI class....
I'm finding it hard to find affordable DUI attorneys
Are there any out there in San Diego with rates less than one thousand dollars? Thanks in advance
It's a free market but you also get what you pay for. 1000 does not seem unreasonable for representation on dui. Keep...
I was arrested for a DUI with a .28 BAC
What kind of charges am I looking at?
You are looking at an enhanced DUI which means that in addition to "regular" DUI punishment you are looking at...