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Ignition Interlock Installed / Same day letter from Penndot suspension credit has not begun.
I got a DWI in New York State last November and received a letter from Penndot that my license would be suspended for a year. A few days before that letter my license had expired and I had applied for a renewal. After reading that my license was suspended I sent in the form that my license was expired. I did not think anything strange of the situation but a few months later just to be certain I called the Penndot customer care center and went through an automated process that ensured me that my license was suspended. Recently since a year has passed I went through all the necessary odds and ends to get my license restored including applying for the interlock license and having the interlock installed, but Penndot states that my suspension credit has not begun. What do I do?
You have asked this question twice.
I missed court in May for a preliminary first DUI hearing and now have a warrant. What should I do to lift the warrant?
The warrant was apparently set because I wasn't at my address to receive my subpoena . I have now started my college semester and am afraid to reschedule because of the fear of being arrested.
You need to hire an attorney to bring you in and get the bench warrant lifted.
Is it best for me to plead guilty and ask for possible disposition options for my underage drinking citation.
My friend got pulled over for a headlight being out. Upon the scene the officer smelt alcohol and breathalyzed us. That is when i got the citation for underage drinking. This is my first offense and I can not afford extra help due to college expenses. I am just wondering if the best option for me is to just plead guilty or to plead guilty and ask for ARD.
Many attorneys offer free consultations. Call one in your state and ask.
What to do if you can't afford to travel to your DUI hearing in another state?
My brother is an indigent 30-year old, currently living in California after attending alcohol/drug rehab. He depends on my parents for financial support and does not have a job. He had a DUI in Pennsylvania, where my family is from, back in June. He has a court date in Pennsylvania in early December, but does not have the money to buy a plane ticket to attend the trial. He cannot afford a lawyer and has requested a public defender. Under these circumstances, is it possible to either 1). request that due to financial circumstances the trial be conducted via teleconference or 2). have a public defender or someone else appear on his behalf? I feel strongly that my parents should not pay for his transportation from California and I believe they are under no legal requirement to do so.
Your parents have no legal obligations to do so, but your brother does. There is no such thing has a telephonic...
Is it possible to shorten a license suspension for multiple DUIs??
My boyfriend obtained three DUIs over three years ago and his license has only been suspended for the past 6 months. He is now contacting PennDOT to obtain a license that will allow him to drive to work and to school. He told me he has this license for three years but I thought I only saw two years total. Since his sentence has been stretched out, does his suspension lower and is there anyway he can reduce the suspension period?
Your question is in part a bit confusing. The short answer to the inquiry about shortening a license suspension is easy....
I have a Misdemeanor 1 from a 2nd DUI in October of 2004. When can I restore my gun right privileges? And how do I go about it?
First DUI was in 1997, received ARD. Second DUI was in 2004, convicted early 2005. Spent 90 days in jail, paid off all cost and fines in full upon release, fulfilled and completed all program requirements. Also sentenced to 5 years probation, but was released after a year and a half. No injuries or victims, routine traffic stop.
If you have no felonies and are off probation, you have your gun rights, now. If any answer on AVVO helps you,...
Can a police officer pull you over because someone called and said you didnt have a license?
My boyfriend, his friend and I were out to eat at this bar/resturant, they were having a "biker night" event. so we had went out there to eat. While eating dinner my boyfriend had 2 coors lights with his meal. When we were done eating we got in our car his friend got in his car and we left. As soon as we pulled out ofthe parking lot a cop pulled out behind us pulling us over about two blocks away. When my boyfriend asked why he was being pulled over the officer said someone had made a call stating he was driving with no license and gave his location to the bar/resturant we were at. the officer said my boyfriends eye's were glassy (after two beers) and arrested him for a dui...he is currently on dui suspension. i just want to know if an officer can do that?
The police office may very well have seen him driving before he went into the bar. He could perhaps identify your...