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They give me on my court papers one year probation and they told after the year I dont get in trouble is be clear my dui?
They told me in one year is clear my dui it true o false
You facts are not clear to me but I think the information is wrong. Neither DUI (the misdemeanor) not DWAI (the traffic...
How can a dwi from over 12 years play a factor in a dwi case I'm faced with now?
I was pulled over for a DWI in the county of Schenectady last month and the d.a offered a plea to a DUAI yet it was rejected by the judge because of a DUI I had in 2004.
In the judge's mind, you didn't learn your lesson from the first Dwi 12 years ago. Its very rare to get a second dwai...
Will I revive a mail from the NYC booking center for a DUI and if so how long will it take to recive it by mail?
I got pulled over and arrested Sunday morning 4am for a dwi which they sent me to a station to be tested again but it turned into a DUI after 4-5 hours later. I was then sent to another station which the judge told me to return for another date. I need to know if/and how long will it take to recive a mail from the booking station? Since the court already gave me a slip when I have to return with a lawyer. This is my first time ever to get pulled over.
if you saw a judge, you will not receive anything from the booking station/police Precinct. The slip you got from the...
Can I apply for a gun permit if I had a dwi ?
I had two dwi I was inpair so the percentage of it was 0.06 for both
It depends on what the permit is for, how long ago the DUI's were, and the outcome of the cases. A .06 is a DWAI which...
Can my car insurance company recover money for medical claims from me after my Driving While Impaired case is over?
I was in a Car Accident on 9/23/2015 and was arrested for criminal DWI with a refusal for breathalyzer. The police detained me for 30 hours in the hospital instead of taking me to jail. There was nothing wrong except a scratch on my arm. The refusal with the DMV for the NYS was dismissed. In July 2016 I got a plea deal and agreed to wear a alcohol ankle monitor for 6 months. In January 2017 my plea deal was to be charged with traffic infraction "Driving While Impaired" instead of the criminal "Driving While Influence". I was given a conditional license for less than 50 days after completion of VIP & DDP classes. GEICO want $6400.00 back for medical expenses.
Your insurance is separate from the criminal charges. GEICO would give you the reason for expecting reimbursement....
Can I get a first time DUI expunged or sealed?
First time DUI. Didn't serve any jail time or probation. Just needed to see a therapist and do drug/alcohol testing every week. Was completed successfully. Interlock was also installed in my car for 6 months. Successfully completed 6 months. Got my license and driving privileges fully restored with no issues.
New York does not expunge. Starting in October New York will allow people to move to seal convictions but you have to...
How does the process of driving while suspended work? I was notified during a traffic stop my license was suspended 4 years ago.
I was told that I must appear in court in 48 hours due to driving while suspended. A disposition was given to me, but the officer could not tell me what was the offense that resulted in my license being suspended. He only provided the date that my license was suspended. I was stopped in a county 4 hours away from my home and have to appear in that county court now a little over 24 hours later (48 hours since the stop). I tried to go my states DMV website to see what was the offense that led to my drivers license being suspended, but the site is not allowing me to sign up and register for my driving history records. I'm totally confused. I have no time to get a lawyer nor do I know what I am facing when Ia m in front of the judge in court. What should I do here? I'm willing to pay any fine/fines which led to suspension IF they are valid, but is it fair that I don't have the information to provide an argument of legitimate defense.
It sounds like you have been charged with aggravated unlicenced operation of a motor vehicle. If so, I suggest you...