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Can can I own a firearm with a DUI felony?
Can I own a firearm with a third offense DUI felony
If you were subject to more than a year in prison (not what you served, but what you could have served), then federal...
How long do i have to wait for a blood test after a dui
I flipped my van in pendleton ky i was the only one in the wreck ,I blew 0.08 they say my blood is pending ? . I remember notting i had open container i was fully insured it"s my first off , i dont remember any blood been taken i have no needle marks ? i dont know whats going on . What am i looking at
It sounds like you aren't sure whether they drew blood
If if I have a felony DUI can I get my rights to bear arms back?
My felony DUI was in Michigan I live in Kentucky now can I get my rights back to bear arms
Well, i answered your other question. If you have a felony DUI, no, you cannot own, possess, or be around firearms,...
What are the consequeneces for getting caught with three needles and meth
My mother in law was in Richmond n she got charged with a DUI not by alcohol but drugs n they searched her and found meth in vehicle and three needles n her purse how much time with will she get outta that
Best to get local criminal defense counsel involved to best minimize her loss of freedom.
I've been in drug court since Oct 2015 never been in trouble and they are holding me an extra 3 months
I've done this program with no sanctions they say they are holding me because I don't have a ged but I'm on ssid at 100%and I can go back to work and they are working me for free at the city park ...
You can always hire an attorney and see if he she can get your conditions mitigated. Honestly, however, if you are in a...
Do I have a valid lawsuit against my doctor for subutex addiction?
I have been on the medication for over 9 years for the first 6-7 years I was rarely drug tested and only seen an actual physician maybe 3 times over a span of 8 years then I had a few positive urine screens and was kicked out of the practice to quit cold turkey and accused of having lost some illicit drugs in the office which is total bullshit my cousin passed the week before and I missed an appointment and threatened to get an attorney bc they wouldn't call in some medicine for me!
Your question, to say the least, is confusing. What exactly is your claim for malpractice against your doctor? All...
Can the blood test show how many loratabs and gabapintin I took the day I was charged with a DUI
I have pneumonia and my husband has it also, my husbands pneumonia was going septic and so he has been put in the hospital. I my self had just been to the doctor to make sure i was not going septic as well. Besides pneumonia, I have a double ear infection, throat infection, and head and chest congestion. Needless to say I looked like crap when I was pulled over and sure didn't feel like being messed with but the officer thought I was severely under the influence of something other than my prescription meds which I told him of and these are loratab 7.5 and gabopintin for arthritis and fibromyalga - cough syrup with codien for pneumonia. I failed my road side test which I told him due to my ear infection that my balance was way off - but my meds don't affect my driving because I'm used to them. I'm scared because I had taken extra meds through the night and early that morning due to my illness but at the time I was pulled over the meds had wore off and it was almost time for my next dose; I had those with me but they were loose in my purse which I told him off and was charged with them not being in proper container. I didn't want to take them until I got to the hospital.
You should consult with a DUI lawyer in your area.