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Having to represent yourself at a dui preliminary hearing.
So, recently I was denied a public defender because I live in a household with my grandparents, they have no financial responsibility for me and I cannot afford a lawyer. I'm at the position where I have to represent myself at my dui preliminary hearing and I'm just looking for some advice as to what will happen and what I should because frankly I'm not a lawyer. I planned on pleading guilty because they drew my blood and I know that really isn't able to be challenged. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.
You should not plead guilty without talking to a lawyer at least first. I am sure you can dig up some money to pay a...
Wrong information on dui police criminal complaint.
The name, date filed, and incident number on page 1 of 2 is incorrect on my police criminal complaint. The affidavit of probable cause is the correct story of what happened. Page 2 of 2 all information is correct. Since the officer put the wrong name, incident number, and file date and signed swearing the information is to the best of knowledge, is there anything that can be done since its simply just not right. Page 1 of 2 and page 2 of 2 have different names, incident numbers and file dates, but both proceed with the story that actually happened. Also on the defendant identification information the wrong date of birth was used, while everything else is correct. Help!!! Is there anything that could be done?
Since it appears that you haven't had your preliminary hearing now might be the best time to consult a DUI attorney to...
How can I get a DUI expunged
I am a first time offender obtaining a DUI. The incident occurred in august of 2012 and my court date was april 2013. I paid my fine, lost my license for 30 days and had 6 months probation witb no further incidents. It occured in monroe or pike county, pa. How can i get this exspunged. Thank you
The first thing you need to do is determine in what county you were placed on ARD. You should then speak with an...
I have a preliminary hearing for a dui charge and my court date is 3/10/14 but it's 2015 can I get it dismissed?
I've been charged with a suspicion of dui and just wondering if there is any loophole because my court date is for 2014 and this just happened two weeks ago so they messed up the date
Not for that reason. However, your case may have other issues that an experienced dui attorney can discover.
I had an adverse reaction to prescription medication in 2011. I had a seizure and crashed my car. I plead guilty to a DUI.
I paid nearly $5000 for costs and for an ARD. I completed my ARD successfully, yet I find out NOW that my record was NEVER EXPONGED! My attorney had his paralegal call me to say my papers were never filed with the DA and were just found in the "archives". I am having a difficult time getting hired for a job,. What can be done?
If you completed ARD then hire an attorney to file a Petition for Expungent. Simple.
DUI Question regarding 2 within 48 hours
If someone gets arrested for a Highest Tier DUI (combination of legally prescribed drugs and alochol) in one PA county and then within 48 hrs gets arrested for a Highest Tier DUI (alcohol only) in a different PA county would they still be eligible for ARD in either or both countries if they have no prior record? Would one county D.A. and Court be able to transfer jurisdiction over on the DUI to another county (if they county were willing to accept it) to be combined for an ARD, or is such transfer outside the couty of the offest to another county even legally possible? If not, would one be considered a 1st offense and the second be considered for sentencing purposes.
I'm not sure what Scranton Pennsylvania courts do, but in New York, they would certainly be considered two separate and...
Is there any way to fight this license suspension?
PennDot is attempting to suspend my license for an underage drinking offense that was dismissed back in 2004. I just received the license suspension notice today. The magistrate that dismissed the under age charge advised me that my license should not be suspended because the case was dismissed. What can I do here?
More information is needed such as whether you were found not guilty, was the case dismissed because officer did not...