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I was pulled over for going 37 in a 25 right after the speed limit dropped from 40 to 25.
The highway's natural progression is onto a street where the speed limit drops from 40 to 25. There is a stoplight in between the two zones that was green at the time. I was pulled over for going 37 and subsequently arrested for a DUI. Is it possible to prove that this was a "speed trap" or that I was reducing my speed to meet the speed limit and that the CHP did not have probably cause to pull me over?
You'll probably need a better defense than that. Doesn't sound like a speed trap. The legal term is "probable cause"...
I have two separate court cases at the same exact time tomorrow morning, but in different locations. What do I do?
I have two separate court cases at 8:30am tomorrow morning, but one is in Santa Cruz and the other is in Salinas. They both are for driving with a suspended license. If I miss one of them, will it be a valid excuse that I was in court elsewhere? What is my best option?
Retain an attorney to appear in at least one of those courthouses.
Arrested for DUI getting item out of car in front of my house.
I live in a rather seedy neighborhood and cops patrol my block regularly. I had been drinking at home alone watching football and wanted to lookup something online and realize I left my laptop in my car. I went outside to my car, parked in front of my house, to retrieve my laptop. While getting the laptop out of my car a cop pulled up and next you know I'm being arrested for DUI. I didn't even drive my car that day, nor did I have any intentions of driving, and now I'm facing a serious charge which will cost me my job! I was OR'd the next day, but have court coming up soon? I've never been arrested in my 34 years of life and have always been a law abiding citizen. Now it feels like I'm going to be railroaded for a crime I didn't even commit. Do I even have a defense?
Yes, "I didn't drive" is a defense. To convict a person of DUI in California, the prosecution must prove you...
Is it legal for a Judge to persuade an inmate not to make a motion And The Prosecutor Admitted There Was No probable cause
I want to get my license back, it has been 20 years, and the DMX is satisfied with giving it to me, however there is a problem in that the Judge that gave me advise not to make a motion to dismiss charges due to no probable cause put a hold on my licence and I graduated from a rehab in 2011 I have not been in trouble since
Something's amiss here. Your post doesn't really make an sense. Would need to see your court records and a printout...
Can i obtain green card if im currently on probation for a DUI? I have no other criminal record
i applied for a green card through my wife who is a US Citizen. We have 1 son together (10 months old). Im on probation for DUI. My probation will be over in August 2018. We sent documentation to immigration of my wife suffering from postpartum depression and depression.
a single DUI is not usually sufficient to make one inadmissible.
Im on probation for 5 years for a misdemeanor dui can i register to vote?
Yes. Probation does not disenfranchise you. Nor would even a misdemeanor conviction.
Should I hire a lawyer to represent me for my 2nd DUI?
I have a Nevada driver license although I am staying here in California for a few months. I was planning on going back to Vegas but how would that work if I have to do DUI classes and jail time? I am getting mixed advice from people, some say I should hire a lawyer to reduce the charges and some say that they wont be able to do much and its just another expense. I have nothing else on my record besides these 2 DUI's. 1 in Jul of 2006 and the last one was last week. I have court on Wednesday in Monterey Co.
Yes you should get a lawyer, you have many questions about your case that only a lawyer can answer and okay after...