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How do I fight an aggraved DUI?
I was attending a well known motorcycle club's benefit and as soon as I left, I was stopped for speeding. There were Sherriffs Dept officers waiting for people leaving this benefit. I had a couple of beers and I knew the second I got stopped I was going to jail. I asked how fast I was going twice and was told that I was speeding and going over the speed limit. They did not clock me. I feel like this was a trap. I knew I was going to jail anyways so I refused testing.
With a Criminal Defense Attorney......................................................
In the state of ILL. is there a statue of limitations on the charge of dui.
I was arrested on dui. in 2001 while visiting the state. I went home (out of state) never to return. I recently tried to get a D.L. in the state of New Mexico.I was given a printout I still had to take care of the problem in ILL.I called the police dept. who made the arrest 12years ago The told me I still had I warrant for failure to appear.How long does this arrest stay on there books. Can I get a D.L. in any other state without going back to ILL.
The statute of limitations has been satisfied because charges were filed. Furthermore the statute of limitations does...
When can I leave the state I got a dwi in, to the state with my residency?
I live in California and I was on vacation to nm and I got a dwi. So the officer put down wrong info and the system says I'm from nm, which I used to live 4 years ago. Now I'm waiting for my case to get to the courthouse while I need to get back home. How can I speed up the process?
That’s an easy one, my friend. Hire an attorney (an EXPERIENCED DUI attorney) and have him or her file a motion to...
Why was i arrested for D.W.I i only blew .06 under the legal standard of .08 and still arrestedi think this is wrong
Couldnt perform field sobriety test because im legally 100% disabled so they took me to police station gave me breathalizer blew three times .006 and aressted for D.W.I. i thought .008 was the new mexico law
Hey; I'm an attorney, also from Albuquerque, so I may be able to help you. There are two theories of DWI here in New...
Revoked drivers license reinstatement
I have completed all requirements but dmv still denied my request for a violation but he will not tell me what the violation is but interlock provider says I have no violations
What does your attorney say about this? (I hope you had an attorney and got your charges plead down to lesser charges.)...
What is the time frame to test for BAC before the blood fermates?
I was in a bad car crash and some passed away. The officer had blood taken from me three hours after the crash and the results didn't come back tell after nine days. So I'm trying to see what the time frame is.
It depends - what method of analysis and what method of storage was used? Clinical and hospital laboratories also...
How is it that I have a sentencing hearing after excepting a plea and already on probation?
I got some felony charges and already accepted a plea for 1 and 1/2 years of probation,I then got a F.T.R and a warrant was issued for my arrest, and I was then arrested 2 weeks later. I saw judge at a probation violation hearing 10/26/17, 21 days later and was released then.i I agreed to come back to see the judge on 1/4/18,but now I received a notice of a sentencing hearing filed on 12/22/17 for the same 1/4/18 date previously mentioned.what I'm wondering is why do I have a sentencing hearing now after I already accepted a plea bargain and was already given a punishment?
From my reading of your post, it looks as if you have not been sentenced on the probation violation, yes? It sounds...