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  • Cops Nab Millville Man With Knife, Knuckles, Drugs

    Wednesday Nov 22 | via Cape May County Herald 

    While conducting a property check at a North Cape May convenience store, located in the 3700 block Bayshore Road, Patrolman Kyle Boyle was flagged down by a concerned citizen that a blue, PT Cruiser was in the parking lot with several occupants acting suspiciously at approximately 10:20 a.m Nov. 17. According to a release, a subsequent investigation by Boyle revealed the driver, Michael Harpel, 32, of Millville, was in possession of a yellow glassine baggie containing suspected crack-cocaine. Harpel was then placed under arrest.


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  • Campbell Sentenced, PBA 59 Still Short

    Monday Nov 20 | via Cape May County Herald 

    When Lower Township Police Officer Mike Szemcsak was sworn as the new president of Policeman's Benevolent Association Local 59 in July 2016, one had to wonder if the previous president and former Cape May police officer, John Campbell, knew the time was short. Shortly after the change of leadership, PBA 59 prepared for tax filings due in September by conducting a financial audit.


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  • Indictments Filed Nov. 14

    Friday Nov 17 | via Cape May County Herald 

    A "certain person" charge can be brought against anyone carrying a weapon whose previous criminal convictions prohibit possession of a weapon. On May 27, Gregory Lazicki, 37, of Burleigh, allegedly entered the Court House Diner and stole an automatic teller machine containing over $4,000.


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Cape May Law

Can my vehicle be searched after a DUI arrest? Is this a violation of my 4th amendment right?
I was arrested and formally charged with a DUI even after the "drug recognition expert" concluded that I was not under the influence. In speaking with the prosecutor the DUI charge will be dismissed. My vehicle was searched after the arrest and I was charged with possession of a CDS and paraphernalia. Is this a false arrest and is this a violation of my 4th amendment right? Did the police basically arrest me for a DUI in order to search my vehicle without my permission?
A lawyer would need to review your discovery to give you the answer you need. That being said it is common for a...
Can DYFS request a urine sample after I just provided one and had the results come back negative.
DYFS drug tested my husband. After his screen came back Negative he was told that the case was being closed. Now they are asking him to take another urine test.
Your husband has complied with their request already so, you can tell the judge that if it comes down to that. If his...
My drivers licence is suspected in new jersey during to a third DWI. Its been suspended since 2408also, can I petition courts
I am a single mother of 4children fromage 13 down to age 3, with a sickly mothere who's in her 70s which drives me back n forth to work. Some of my shifts start at 5; 30am.
There is no grounds to shorten the 10 years. You could petiton the MVC but i have never heard of this being successful.
Does State v. Reiner work in reverse if 1st DWI was school zone but disposition was Not Guilty of (a) and Guilty of (g)
I had a DWI in 2009. I was issued 2 tickets 34:4-50(a) and 34:4-50(g). I was found guilty at trial, however my disposition shows Not Guilty-2 on the (a) and Guilty-1 on (g) only. I remember at trial the prosecutor complaining about this finding as in their opinion they should have been both marked Guilty. Forward to 2014, am I a first offender under 34:4-50(a)?
Yes. Subsection (g) includes the same elements as subsection (a). It is a conviction for drunk driving with the...
The Violation Dates on my paperwork for court are wrong. Do I have any chance of fighting the charges/dismissal???
The dates are wrong,do I have any legal chance of arguing for a dismissal? What can I legally do?
It is likely a ministerial error which can be corrected. Depending on the specific facts, it may call into question...
Are they allowed to transfer my case from municipal court to county court before my arraignment?
My case was transferred 2 days before my arraignment
Yes. This is can be part of the process. you should hire an attorney immediately. The Criminal Division of Superior...
I live in nj and Im on a program called ISP (intensive supervison program) and I was recently served a driving while suspended
Ticket and I am wondering if I do not tell him what are the chances of him finding out? I have 1 month left on the program. Alot lies on this as I have 5 children, a morgage and all the obligations that apply with family life. I will loose my home because I will sit in the county jail between 3-4 months before I even go to the violation hearing. Is it worth it to roll the dice and hope he doesnt find it before next month? If it was a crimanal charge I know he would find out but I remember my officer telling me about another participant and he recieved 3 driving while suspended on the program and they never found out untill he had to do 10 days in the county jail.
Most parole officers will run a criminal history before your period of parole ends. Many will also run a motor vehicle...