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  • Kaleigh Kenyon who was playing in snow killed by sna...

    Friday Feb 5 | via Daily Mail 

    Plucked from the ruins: Baby is among more than 200 pulled alive from rubble after devastating 6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Taiwan on first day of Chinese New Year vacation, killing five Pentagon releases 200 images of 'abuse' of military prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan but another 1,800 still remain secret Fourth-ever female Army combat engineer turns herself in after going AWOL only 11 weeks into training and being branded a deserter Survivor star Michael Skupin, 54, is charged with possession of child pornography after police 'find illegal pictures on his computer while investigating him over an alleged Ponzi scheme' Louisville announces postseason ban for men's basketball team after ex-escort says she was paid $10K to organize sex parties for players Twitter's terror crackdown: Social network says it has shut down over 125,000 accounts linked to Islamic State and other groups ... (more)


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  • Canton Police Searching for Armed Robbery Suspect

    Tuesday Jan 26 | via 

    Canton detectives are seeking information regarding an armed robbery that took place at the Blue Hills Gas Station around 11:30 p.m on Jan. 24, 2016. Blue Hills Gas is located on Washington Street near the Blue Hills.


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My question has to do with a friends OUI... Police and Prosecutor are stating 3rd offence but driving record would show 1st
First time with the law and oui was 1978.. 18 years old Case Disp.. Dissmissed.. 2nd time 1996 Disp.. (NP) never persued by prosecution.. Looking at driving record since 1990 there is no driving infractions, no OUI's nothing.. Now friend is a CDL driver, No driving infractions on his recoord, no licence suspensions , No OUI convictions, NOTHING... Why would the police put this in the Newspaper as a third offence OUI and systematicly destroy this persons life, livlihood and reputation.. I was in court the day at arraignment and Judge questioned young prosecuter why she was bringing something up and making a big deal about something from 1978 36 years ago when the Defendant was 18 years old??? This case involved no accident, no speeding, No open container... The worst my friend refused BT..
As far as the third offense is concerned, it's (unfortunately) common for police and inexperienced prosecutors to...
Can a person's p.o. give them a pass on a day's alcohol screens if they absolutely have to be at work?
I have never missed a screen in 10 months but need to go to company training program for 2 days. I desperately need this training or I could lose job? I have no criminal record.
I already answered this question yesterday. Call your P.O.
DUI/Refused Breathalyzer/Hardship Lic/MASS
DUI, first offense in Mass. Lawyer says I can get a CWOF. Refused the breathalyzer. My question is, how much money am I going to have to spend up front JUST get my hardship license? Also, for the alcohol class, will they let you pay in increments?
You will not need to pay everything up front. It averages out to $115 per month for a first offense. Registry will...
Denied a hardship license and I have a full time job Massachusetts
I was denied a hardship license yesterday in Mass because they said they could not verify my employment--Im a full time private nanny-and obviously my employer doesnt have company letterhead. She wrote me a letter but it wasnt enough. I also run a legitimate e- business out of my home selling products online for disabled children, can I go back to the RMV at this point with further documentation from that business? What would I need? I have a Sales and Use Tax Registration certificate from the DOR, but will they require more than that? I also am a single parent of one child with autism and the sole provider for my family.
You have not provided enough information for the basis of loss of license to answer question. Is it a first/second...
Driving out of state on a hardship license (Mass)
I just got a hardship license in Mass after getting a CWOF for my first DUI. Am I allowed to leave the state to drive to GA as long I adhere to the time restrictions?
Your license issued by one state, with or without the restrictions, should be valid in all states with the restrictions.
24d drunk driver program
I'm going to a 24d program tomorrow issued by court for dui, my question is do they test for alcohol? I'mean trying to enjoy my Friday night and don't want to call to jail for drinking the night before, I'm only trying to get a buzz not wasted. So drinking bad idea?
This question does not require legal advice. I would strongly advise against drinking of any kind during this process....
If I got a DUI in CA but live in MA, do I also need a MA Lawyer?
I was charged with a dui 7 months ago in CA on vacation. I hired an attorney in CA but want to know if I need a MA One. Also, is my license suspended before the final arraingment or the day of arrest?
Sounds like you need to hire a lawyer in California, the state where you are charged. They will be licensed to practice...