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Is it possible to have the implied consent law reversed after pleading guilty tk the dui?
I was arrested for dui April 4th. I did not take any kind of subriety test. I was told in court that I could get my license in 120 days. The dds says the implied consent law has my license suspended for 1 year without a permit. Is there any way around this?
You made a mistake by not having a lawyer early on in the case. Your license is suspended for a full year because the...
What are the penalties for a first time DUI, blowing a .22 ?
The person was arrested in Canton, GA. The charges (that I saw) just said DUI and a few other traffic violations (swerving, for example). Is this more serious because the number is high?
-Fine up to $1,000 plus court cost -12 months in jail or probation. Minimum 24 hours jail. -DUI school -Drug &...
Can you appeal a conviction entered at a plimanary hearing? coherst in pleaning to a lesser charge and change it after sworn in?
there was no evidence of who was driving the car what so ever and was not charged when taking to jail. no test were asked or taking and liscense's were not taking. was scared given wrong advise by lawyer who was already paid to take it to trial. he lied proscuter lied and brung up past way beyound 10yr lookback
You can't "appeal" your guilty plea but you may be able to withdraw it or file a petition for habeas corpus.
I got 2 DUI's over 20 yrs ago. Would they be misdemeanors or felonies?
I am starting my associates degree in Early Child Development and Education and if I have a felony I will have to change my major. These were 20 yrs ago. (.08, .14)
Assuming this was in GA, they were misdemeanors.
My husband and I are needing to file for a custody hearing as his ex wife will soon be in jail due to her 4th DUI.
We have "joint" custody, 49/51 us being 49. The child does not even reside with their mother, he is living with his grandmother while his mother is living in and out of hotels/apartments/couch hopping. She (ex wife) is an alcoholic who has received 4 DUI's in 10 years, 2 of those in the last 5. My step son is living in an environment that is not safe, secure, nor well structured. Her court date is sometime this month. Can you please help me understand what I need to do to pursue this rapidly? Thank you.
You should retain a family law attorney and file for a Modification of the current order. Because mom is apparently...
When will my daughter get a court date?
My daughter was arrested the end of May 2014 for DUI and Dui child endangering because her son was in the car when she was pulled over. She has been in jail since that time as we have not bailed her out. She still has not had an appearance before the judge for either arraignment or indictment. Isn't she supposed to have her preliminary hearing within a few days of being arrested? She's using a public defender and it's hard to get hold of him to find out the status of her court date.
This instance illustrates why a public defender may not be the best choice. Retain an attorney who has time to talk...
I was put in jail in Georgia for DUI Less safe for .04 BAC. I have a Florida license. What do I do?
Was pulled over after making a left turn and was told I drove over the double yellow line while turning. The car I was driving had no power steering and I was following a gps in a non familiar area. Was asked if I had been drinking which I was earlier that evening. Then was asked to do a FST. I'm about 60 lbs overweight and was a nervous wreck. I bonded out of jail. No blood tests and completely cooperated.
You need to hire a lawyer, and fight this. If you're over 21 years old you have an excellent case to fight.