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How do I get my license reinstated in CT if I'm required to get an IID installed and do not own a car?
I got a Second DUI on 9/26/2013 and got 1 year suspension and 3 years IID. I do not own a car, therefore I never got the IID installed. I waited the 3 years for the IID requirement to pass. Can I get my drivers license reinstated and get the IID requirement waived considering it's been more than 3 years.
Apply for Reinstatement and explain
Can a lawyer you hired represent you in court for a criminal matter, if her license was administratively suspended by the state.
Attorney I hired was administratively suspended for failure to pay client security fund fee. Can this attorney represent me in court proceedings
If her license is suspended, the short answer is no. You should look to retain alternate counsel. Bristol can be tough...
Can I reopen a 16 year old DWI case in Connecticut
I was recently denided a permit to purchase a hunting rifle in NH, the reason they gave me was a felony DWI in Ct. I dont think it should have been a felony. There was no personal or property damage.
You probably won't be able to reopen it. A pardon (expungement) would be best. Regardless, request your official...
How can my boyfriend get an earlier release date to parole from the Willard-Cybulski DUI program?
My boyfriend has been at Willard-Cybulski Correctional since mid-November for a 3rd DUI offense and will presumably be out at the end of April (50% of the mandatory min. of 1 year.) He's told me about other inmates with similar or greater charges spending much less time there. He is required to complete Tier II of the DUI program, and has said that other inmates were only required to do Tier I, despite drug charges in addition to their DUIs and also having been sentenced to a mandatory year. In his short time there he's seen men with 4+ DUIs come and go. He has been a model inmate - clean, respectful, attends and participates actively in all of his DUI classes - and has a stable job (a business we run together, where his absence is putting a strain on me and my ability to run it successfully) a place to live when he gets out, and two children from a previous relationship whose child support he can't pay while he's locked up with no income. What can he or I do to advocate for his release to parole before the end of April? Based on the short incarceration periods for other men with similar or worse charges and identical original sentences, I feel like there must something we can do.
Once he completes the Tier II program he will likely be eligible for the early release program. Until then I do not...
DUI in PA-- Does that effect CT License?
My husband was arrested for his 1st DUI in PA. He qualified for their accelerated program called ARD which hopefully will remove the DUI from his record once finished with the program. He refused the breathalyzer, and blood test. In PA, this refusal means he automatically would lose his license for 1 year. His PA lawyer recommended researching to see if this possibly may not effect his CT license.
His Connecticut license is suspended for 45 days, and he needs to put an Interlock Ignition device on his car for 1 year.
How long does a DWI stay on your Criminal as well as your DMV record in Connecticut?
I've heard after 10 years it drops off of your record, but i can't seem to find out if that pertains to the criminal record, or DMV record, or both.
If you were accepted into the Alcohol Education Program and successfully completed the program it is dismissed after 1...
I had my 3rd DUI conviction in 2009 I'm wondering if I am eligible to get my license back
If so what is required of me to drive legal again
It's all regulatory. Consult with the attorney that represented you in the last DUI. If that doesn't work for you then...