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How do I petition the court to get off of house arrest for medical reasons
This was my 2 dui
You can file a petition with the court to end house arrest. You are not likely to suceed.
Can a lawyer help me get a dui charge reduced?
I was pulled over for crossing a double yellow. I was asked to complete the field sobriety test follow pen, stand on one leg, and heel to toe. Afterwards, I was asked to do a breath test. I agreed was handcuffed and taken to station. I blew a .094. I have never been in trouble before. I am a nursing student and a dui charge can be very detrimental. I can be thrown out of school or may be unable to sit for boards. I am hoping that a lawyer can help me get a reduced charge to something that will not effect my career.
You absolutely want a top DUI lawyer representing you. DUI charges can be tough to get reduced, however often something...
Charged with driving under dui suspension, what should i say or do in court? HELP!!
I am charged with driving under DUI suspension in washington county pennsylvania.. I cannot afford a lawyer and i was denied a public defender because they think i make too much money.. I am just wondering what i need to say or do in court to reduce this charge because it carries a mandatory 60 days in jail and i cannot afford to go to jail.. I will lose everything, my job, my car, my family. i don't know what to do and i am terrified, please help!!
Speak to some attorneys in Washington County. Many will work out a payment plan for you.
If my friend is arrested for DUI and a pbt shows I drank..can police search my bag in her PARENTS car even though I did NOT agre
My friends parnts were at the site. It's their car. I was positive for alcohol. I'm 17. If her parents say it's ok to search the CAR,can they search MY BAG when I did NOT agree to it? They just asked if it was mine.
In general, an officer would not be permitted to search a purse in a situation like this one without getting consent...
Charged with underage. Pbt. Should I plead not guilt even tho it was in was in my bag but wasnt charged with possesio
This is what happened. My friend was driving n drank. I was in passenger seat. Got pulled over bc my friend ran over a curb n there were 2 911 calls. Got pulled over. We both had a pbt done n showed we drank. The alcohol was in my bag. I went to the police station. They never took my blood. I didn't smell drunk (I know for a fact) even though one said I did. And I did not act drunk n they did not see me drink it. They did not arrest or read me my rights (i don't know if that matters). With all this, should I plead not guilty since a pbt is not admissable in court? HOWEVER, If I did that, couldn't they say it was in my bag? (but they never said they charged me for possesion,just underage) I'm 17.
In MN a PBT is admissible in an underage drinking case and might be in your jurisdiction as well. I don't know....
My friend had barrowed my truck &got a dui, the court sent a dl-21 to penndot how will this affect me
also 2 months after my friend was arrested, my truck was totaled in a unrelated incident, does this affect my record or just theirs?
The DL-21 form is the form sent by the clerk of courts to Penndot notifying it of a conviction under the motor vehicle...
DUI Sentence
My son has just been sentenced for his 2nd DUI in the state of PA, and the punishment is 30 days house arrest and 1 year suspended license. My question has to do with the implantation of the sentence, it has been a week since he was sentenced but his license has not been suspended yet and they told him that it would be 6 to 8 week before his house arrest starts so in the meantime he can't do anything about finding a job (the paper he worked for let him go because he needs to drive as part of his reporting duties) with the house arrest sitting out there, and the longer it take for the suspended license to start the longer it will take to get it behind him. Is there any recourse that we can take to get the punishment on the clock faster so he can put this behind him?
Contact local counsel.