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Failure to comply with an ignition interlock
I receive a letter regarding that I need to appear in court due to a high bac
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Is there any way I can get a deferred DUI off my record
I received a deferred DUI 3 years ago with one year probation. I am interested in going back to my nursing career and do not know if I can lessen the conviction in any way.
Did your attorney file an Order of Dismissal after the deferment period? That is where to start. Contact an attorney...
Is there a seal stamp on polygraph test? Also how many pages are there when you receive your test results.
People say its a one page with the questions they asked you amd if you passed or not.
This is not a DUI related question and franky, it's not even a legal question. Go speak with a polygraph expert.
Can I get legal help from a legal aid in New Mexico to help me with warrants I have in arizona?
I have 2warrants from Arizona. One for not going to a driving class and paying my fine because I was homeless, jobless and had to move to New Mexico to get a roof over my head. I also have a warrant from Arizona because I wad evicted from my apartment, my sons were abusing me and I had to leave the state. I spent 24 hours in jail, went to court and the charges were dropped. The charges were reopened once I was in New Mexico and I have no money to go to Arizona to go to court. My license is suspended and I have warrants. What should I do?
Whatever the reasons you did not take care of court matters, you will not get a valid license until you take care of...
Which states will NOT extradite my new mexico dui 3 charge?
Ive recenty picked up a 3rd dui in new mexico (misdemeanor ). Now im totally drained of cash after the last two, and unable to pay the steep fines after this next one. So im researching my options as far as relocation, but am not finding much. So I guess my question is what states will NOT extradite me back to new mexico?
Move to Algeria.
My first dui was 25 years ago, will it still count against me now?
Was recently arrested for DUI Police ran my name and found two on my record. Will the first one still be on my record ?
This depends on a lot of factors. An offense that old likely won't have elevating factors, however it very likely will...
Will I be jailed for a dilute NEGATIVE ETG test?
I was going to be assigned to non-reporting status this month. My probation officer said take an ETG test and if you pass you will be on non-reporting status. This is for a DWI by the way. I have no consumed one sip of alcohol! I took the test and I was waiting for the results. Then over the weekend, my breathylyzer goes off for mouth wash. SO, spending another 55 dollars to avoid jail, I took another ETG test. My probation officer called me on Tuesday morning and said both my drug tests were negative, but both were dilute. She informed me that I must report on the 29 and that we will be going to court. I couldn't believe it. I haven't sipped a thing, and everything I have read about says they treat it as a positive even though I have not done anything!
Yes, it's possible that they treat that as an indication of alcohol use. A dilute is an indication of excessive water...