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What happens if you fail to do all the requirements for a DUI in CA?
Had a previous record of a felony for theft about 7 yrs ago, took care of it brought down to misdemeanor. Four yrs ago got a DUI, did not appear in court, community service, AA class, and did not pay the fine. What is to be expected? Warrant? Jail time? Out standing fees?
An FTA on a misdemeanor will result in a warrant. A private attorney can recall the warrant without your presence in...
Drunk driver hit my car and totaled it. Their insurance says "limit issue" What are my options?
A drunk driver did a hit and run on my vehicle while it was parked outside my home. He hit at least 3-4 other vehicles, lost an entire wheel on his truck, drove a few miles scraping the road that led a trail right to the truck that he abandoned. He apparently lived locally so he was able to go home. The police found it, impounded it, and identified the truck owner. They went to his home to confront him but he refused to speak with him. They let him know his truck was impounded and told me that if he wanted it he'd have to go get it then they'd be able to go from there. He picked it up and had a lawyer where he then refused to confirm or deny he was the driver. He has a history of DUIs but his insurance information was given to me to process a claim. Now AAA (his insurance) is saying there is a limit issues because so many cars were hit. First they sent me to their auto body for estimate and said they'd cut a check. Then they said there was a limit issue. My car is a TOTAL loss. I didn't have collision because it was a gift and we hadn't had it a full month before we were to change the insurance ourselves.
You are the victim of a crime. Contact the District Attorney's office in the city where the accident occurred. Let...
My 20-year old son got a DUI in Ventura Co. and blew a .08. Can the charges be reduced?
He goes to school in AZ. What are his options for community service, etc., & I'm guessing that the best way to go is to get him an attorney.
Anything is possible and that is a "borderline" BAC level, however, the Ventura County DA is not known to negotiate...
DUI and SR-22 etc... can I file sr22 with dmv myself... without insurance as I don't have vehicle to drive?
Got dui 2013. Did classes. Got exemption from Sacramento dui office for required breathalyzer bcuz dont have car now. But called to see if can get license (even provisional) and said no bcuz haven't filed sr22. Also said until do so my exemption status won't start. But so few questions: 1. Can I file sr22 myself to dmv without actual insurance policy? 2. Asking so can get clock running on my required time for breathalyzer. Exemption supposedly lets me start clock of required months for breathalyzer but since don't have a vehicle I'm exempt. but know acknowledging wont drive ANY vehicle UNLESS has breathalyzer. Goal is get clock started and maybe year from now when can get car time counted for and no install needed? True? 3. why would I pay for car insurance if no car, so thats why asking
You can get a "non owner" SR-22 policy or you can file a "surety bond" with DMV yourself.
How to grant a motion for early termination of probation for 2nd DUI?
I filed a motion for early termination of probation at the Van Nuys court, LA county for the 2nd DUI offence.I represented myself and provided a proof of completion of an 18 month alcohol program . I also provided a proof of interlock device installment as well as evidence of reinstated driver's license from the DMV. Additionally, I attached my school transcript showing a G.P.A of 3.56 at the Ph.D. level, and asked the court that I be permitted for an early termination of probation to secure an internship to complete my Ph.D. research. The original probation term was 48 month and I already completed 24 month of it. Surprisingly, the judge told me she doesn't see any evidence of change and denied the motion!! I'm wondering what kind of extra evidence of change she is looking for ?
Good question. You should've hired an attorney to assist with.
I have two misdemeanors and two failure to appears will that affect my license.
Two misdemeanor what? If 2 DUIs, then your license is probably already suspended for not requesting a DMV APS hearing (...
How long will a DUI prevent me from being admitted to the state bar of CA?
I recently graduated law school in May and just took the CA bar exam in July. I receive my results in November. I also received a positive moral character determination. Unfortunately i made a mistake the other night and was arrested for a DUI. 1. Will this prevent me from being admitted to the state bar of CA? 2. Will my positive moral character determination be revoked? 3. My court date is set for mid October. Should i see if my attorney can postpone my court date until after bar results come out? 4. Do i need to report the DUI to the bar now? Or do i not have to report it until after my court date and i am convicted? Please help!
Be very careful how you handle this situation. My advice to you is to contact an attorney who handles licensing and...