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DWAI in NY state??
I got pulled over for my headlights not being on, basically the car smelled like marijuana and I got pulled out of the car, searched and then did field sobriety tests. I was arrested and taken to the station where I repeated the sobriety tests then got taken to get blood drawn. The officer said "I'm not giving you any tickets tonight". So if I didn't get any tickets then, does that mean I got away with it???
Not necessarily. The police may be waiting for the results of the blood test.
I need to get a Dwi vacated from my record in order to get my license back. I am caught up in the new 25 yr look back law. Is th
My license was last suspended for a speed in zone when I was on a probationary period.
Do you have a legal basis to get the DWI vacated?
Is it possible to serve a House Arrest at my home in NY for a DUI sentence in PA?
I live and work in New York, but have a pending DUI case with a mandatory 30-day jail sentence to be served in PA. My lawyer in PA informed me that the address I would reside at during the house arrest must be in the county where I am being sentenced. Are there any exceptions to this so that I can remain in my own home during that time and not have to find a place in that county?
That is usually the case. Problem is that house arrest typically requires a monitor or monitoring. This isnt able to...
I was recently given a DWI BAC> 0.08 along with a couple other tickets. What should I expect? What defense should I consider?
I was parked on the side of a back rd. when the troopers approached me. I was turned around facing my girlfriend in the back seat so my belt was off. We had been arguing, I didn't feel comfortable driving while having a charged discussion that was escalating, and that was the reason I had stopped. I cooperated fully. I believe some of the charges and information could be thrown out/not factual. It was put in the paper that I was in an accident. That is not true and I was not charged with that. They charged me with BAC.>0.08, Keys in the ignition (engine running-I don't believe it was), Cracked windshield, no seatbelt, open container (empty bottle of Evan Williams in the back seat), bad inspection sticker. Is it possible to avoid probation? And what defense strategies should I consider?
You should hire a traffic ticket attorney asap. The DUI is the most serious charge.
How much jail time will I do for an unpaid fine ($500) for a DUI?
DUI in 2012. Just received a letter saying I missed court and that warrant for my arrest has been issued.
Wont necessarily do much time for such a thing. Try to get it paid and that will help.
Can a DWI from new York be used against me in Pennsylvania?
I had a DWI of .08 in new York about 9 years ago and about 2 months ago I was arrested in Pennsylvania for DUI. They're saying I'm on my second DWI now and I'm facing 3 months to 5 years for 2nd offense. How is this right? I've never been in trouble in Pennsylvania before. can be used to enhance your case there. The same would be true in NY. Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq. Past...
Why isn't a violation of your fifth amendment to have your license revoked for refusal of Breathalyzer test?(NYS)
stopped for suspected DUI was told by Trooper had to take Breathalyzer or would lose driver license for a year. I refused to take one when he wouldn't let me talk to council first. Lost my license for a year and commercial license for 18 months. Pled to an Ability impaired now that is permanently on my license.
The fifth amendment relates to criminal prosecutions. Driving is a privilege and not a right. Therefore one is not...