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Got a dui in kansas license was restricted for two year i didnt get an interlock device i waited out the restriction period.
should i be able to get my license back
Yes, you could have gotten your license back two years ago. Call DMV and see what you need to do to reinstate.
I have to get a blow machine in my car for 4 years for having multiable dwi is there any way i can get this reduced.
The dwi are in kansas. I have not touched acholal in 5 or six years. So if there is a way to get the 4 years reduced or not even get it at all. I can talk to a judge if i have to.
I am not licensed in Kansas, but this sounds like a good question to ask an experienced DUI attorney in Kansas. In...
Was charged with duii in oregon then moved to kansas and now have a failure to appear. need to transfer case to kansas.
have extensie details both good and bad. before i left Oregon, the dmv did not suspend my license due to the arresting officer failing to enter date and time of arrest on ticket. Passed roadside sobriety test but was asked not to drive and was taken to a substation where they made me take a breathalizer. then 20 mins later another one. then ten minute later again another one...was realeased to my husband within an hour of my arrest. Where my husband and i then went and retrieved my motorcycle because and officer was waiting by my bike. we both got on the bike and left.
A crime must be prosecuted in the jurisdiction where it occurred. You cannot get it transferred to another state, but...
I just received a dui in independence, Kansas but wasnt read my rights when arrested.
I received a D.U.I and the arresting officer didn't read me my rights when i was put in handcuffs. I also did a field tests and a breathalyzer when i was in the station. Will this hold up in court? I also asked them at 4 separate times if i was under arrest to 3 different officers which all said yes each time. Any help is very appreciated.
You may well be able to suppress some or all of the statements you made. This does not mean the case will have to be...
An attorney to get out of a possible DUI
i have been accused of dui but the breath test is under the legal limit
A blood/breath alcohol level over .08% is only one of the ways for the prosecutor to prove DUI. They can also prove...
What should I do about losing my pink sheet that is used as my temporary license for a DUI?
I got a DUI and was issued a pink sheet as my temporary license. I just lost my pink sheet a few days ago. I have court coming up in less than a week and I don't know what to do about my missing pink sheet. If you could please let me know what I can do to fix this that would be great.
First of all, the "pink sheet" is known as a "DC-27" form. It is a law enforcement officer's certification used for...
Can I obtain a commercial driving license in Kansas 10 years after a felony DUI
I've never had a Commercial Driver's license before.
Not very likely. This answer is based on the fact you state you have a felony DUI. This means you probably had 2 or...