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How can I resolve a DUI/&/FTA from Maryland if I live in Oregon? What is the first thing i need to do?
I am stuck and don't know what to do and I'm panicking frankly. ANY advice is appreciated because I haven't thought or heard anything on how to approach this chaos.. THANKS TO ALL!!!!!
You need to consult with a Maryland criminal defense lawyer. Try finding one who specializes in DUII in the city you...
Can i sue my landlord for assaulting me while he was drunk?
I came home from work and my land lord was clearly drunk. (Had a mostly empty bottle of jack in front of him) and he started yelling almost immediately when i came home. He got in my face and was yelling about dishes and how he was all out of olive oil. When i told him i didnt care about his olive oil, I hadnt used it, he shoved me to the floor while i was exiting the room. He stood over me with his fist raised at my head and shouted "WHAT MOTHER-F-ER WHAT" while trying to keep me pinned to the floor. I know he is on parole now, and that he considers himself a violent man with pride. I want to move out, but I dont think what he did was right, threatening me, physically assaulting me, and trying to intimidate me in the place that I pay to live. We have no personal relationship.
Better A Police Report Does Not Appear as if you were hurt
Can supervised probation be lowered to unsupervised or bench probation?
I recently received a sentence of two years supervised probation for DUII from a year and half ago for not completing my diversion program. With good behavior and abiding by all the rules laid out before me, can I have my probation reduced sooner than two years to unsupervised or bench? Thanks for any feedback.
Once you've completed all your affirmative probation requirements (treatment, Victim Impact Panel, paid all fines/fees),...
Whats going to be my sentence ?
im on reduced supervision had a positive ua for weed used fake pee and tested positive
If your original crime was DUII, it dep nds to some degree whether it was a cannabis or alcohol DUII. It also depends...
Does Oregon accept online DUI classes?
I need to take a DUI class and live out in the country. Does Oregon DMV accept online DUI class certifications? The classes are offered at DUIProcess ,com and it says Oregon DUI classes it is a 20 hour class. My DUI was in 2003.
No. You need 90 days of demonstrated abstinence and individualized treatment. Get in touch with a lawyer so you know...
Would a lawyer be worth the cost on a first time duii?
I was driving home from Oregon city to Estacada OR, using a rural back road. It was around 2am. I was taking a fast down/sharp left corner and had another vehicle coming up at me, from the other direction. I believed the vehicle was in my lane and would hit me if i did't react. I swerved right, shot off the road, then came back towards the road about 50ft farther down. The raised gravel should cause me to flip and roll my car. Cops, paramedics, etc all came. I was eventually cited for duii after making them take me to the police station for the breathalyzer test. blew a .13. long story short. I have a clean driving record, no criminal record what so ever and this is my first DUII. The only concern i have is the 90 suspension. I plan on making a written request for the dmv hearing and would liek to know if a lawyer being there is worth typical cost of his services. I'm trying to avoid the 90 suspension so i can make sure my driving needs for work are not interrupted. Trying to avoid getting a SR22 and getting kicked off my insurance. Any advice would be very helpful
Having lawyer in your corner is absolutely worth the money. We are will look for mistakes or inconsistencies that can...
False Positive for THC
Im going to treatment in Oregon for a DUI. I tested negative for everything and I test randomly test based off a color system. I recently tested positive for 5 ng THC. The cut off for my county probation on a GCMS is 20 ng. I have not been smoking. (honest to God). If I had been smoking my results would have been significantly higher, especially with how often I get tested. They reported me to probation and I'm not really worried about that since I'm way below the cut off, although if it goes to court I will be pretty ticked that I have to take more time off work. However, the treatment center reset my treatment plan and I have to start from day 1. What kind of action should I take? I offered to take another test on the spot but was refused. I want to sue because it's time and money over an obviously false positive
Call they attorney who helped you with your DUI. Generally speaking we avoid suing folks until after the criminal case...