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I have received a ticket for underage consumption that does not require me to appear in court. This is my first offense. I was not booked and I was released and allowed to carry on my night after receiving my ticket. Just not sure if it is worth my time to go to court if I would have to plead guilty anyways. Also, if I do go ahead and pay the ticket my license will not be suspended correct?
I would counsel taking the time. Best route would be to contact a criminal defense lawyer there in Fond du Lac and get...
If you plead guilty instead of going to a jury trial, could the sentence be lighter?
The day you plead guilty is the day you are sentenced is the day your jail starts. This forthwith sentence is mandated...
I got an owi, i took all test in the field, and did not know i refused the blood test. they claim i blew .216 but i was pretty aware of what was going on. this is my first time and i have a clean record. i understand what i did. My fine is 900, what other costs will there be? do i plea guilty to the owi, take the interlock device, and mt license and try to drop the refusal. can i talk to the da before the court date? Do i request a hearing on the revocation of my license. How do I get the police reports and copies off all reports?
Get an attorney. Review all your options before you despair.
It was my 4th DUI. I was never in an accident and didn't harm anyone. I have since finished alcohol treatment and I have served my time.
There is always a chance they could deny, but that would not be the reason. Reformed alcoholics often fall in love and...
Never had any other tickit's on my record not even speeding. Do I need to hire a attorney in wi as well as the one in mn to help with my license? Can I do anything in wi to to keep my dl.
Get a lawyer in Minnesota to help you keep your privileges. Minnesota will transmit their suspension nationwide and...
prior oar convinctioms are both owi related and within 5 yrs ( have not had any run ins with police for any matter in 5 yrs ).. tried to get drivers license before initial appearance to which i was told i had failed to complete an assessment in 2008 by the office which gives the assessments, though my probation officer held me obligated to complete the assessment and to which i did.. i was then informed by that assessment office that while yes i did complete the assessment it was for the probation officer's file and not for the actual OAR, so in other words i was told i had to complete an assesent for a crime that was almost over 5 yrs old and one that i thought i had completed due to the probation officer making it mandatory..i'd also like to add that i was granted early release from Prob
I have never been to court for anything traffic or criminal and have never been to court for anything. We are not social drinkers and before that night we had not been drinking since September. I signed up for alcohol assesment class today.Can I do anything else to help myself before my initial court date? can I forfeit my license before I go to court and would it help? I have been married 20 years, same job for 18, two great kids and have never been in trouble.
First I am not from WI, but there are usually many things that you can do. First and foremost consult with Criminal...