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About drivers licens
it has been 10/13years and I know people that has got they license back in ten years can I get mine back I had two dui s in two years can you help
There are lost of attorneys that can help you with this. You just need to hire one. Look for "traffic law."
Trying to get my hardship driverlicense in Missouri. but the state of florida has ahold on my license. what can I do.
the state of Missouri suspened my driver license for ten years in2009. on a dui conviction. in 1995 I got a dui in florida and did not go to court. I left the state and came to Missouri where I have lived every since.
You will need to get a Florida attorney to help you with the DUI in Florida. Until you get that cleared up you will...
Need a DUI attorney to get my license back after serving fed time. must meet with judge. can i meet on my own?
can i write him myself , or do I need a dui attorney for representation and/or to file the paperwork to meet with the judge to get my license back?
Do not meet with the judge without counsel! We are in the St louis area, but one of my partners does nothing but DUI...
Can people intoxicated legally consent to sex?
If 2 people in Missouri are over the age of consent but both under the age of 21 to drink. They end up having intercourse consentually. She actually is the one that asked for it. Can people who are intoxicated legally consent to sex. Not intoxicated as can't walk or blacked out just intoxicated as a good buzz.
There is no law that automatically prohibits an intoxicated person from consenting. But an incapacitated person cannot...
Out of state dui
I move from Kansas City mo to Texas 8 months ago did not transfer my Kansas City license to Texas license. So I still have the Kansas City drivers license I got pulled over for dui in Texas but had my Kansas City license, I got a dui when I was in Kansas City 3 years ago they gave me a suspended sentence and put me on probation for 2 which every thing went clear so would the dui I got in Kansas City count has 1 or second dui ? Because when I tried to call the dmv in Kansas City to find out info on my driving record they said it did not show any record of me being convicted for the first DUI? For the second dui I still have a trial date in two weeks
The answer is going to depend wholly on whether the prosecutor knows about the first one. I can tell you from...
How do I handle these outstanding warrants?
I have outstanding warrants for dui and one bad check. It's over 3 1/2 to 4 years old. It was a mistake on my part and was really scared about the repercussions. I know have gotten my life together and want to clean everything better.
Glad to hear about getting your life together. Your first step would be to consult with a criminal attorney to review...
What do I need to do to get this resolved and my privileges back as soon as possible?
have a bench warrant from 2012 stemming from a failure to show for a dui stop. They have it as a misdemeanor and I have since been to a rehab facility and completed 30 days. I just want my license back.
The very first thing you should do is to hire a dui attorney. There are probably many things that you need to do to get...