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Injured self in DUI crash. Felony or no?
I crashed my car into "no parking" sign and broke my leg. No other persons were involved in the incident. Is this a felony because i injured myself? Everything i have read online states that it is a felony if an "other" person was injured but doesn't say about the driver.
Depending on your previous history of DUI convictions this may or may not be a felony. Confirm with local counsel.
Can I get my misdemeanor DUI probation dropped early?
I was convicted of 2nd DUI in 2011. Ive served 3 years 4 months out of 5 year probation. I'd like to drop probation early and clear record only for employment reasons and travel internationally for work. Neither Dui's involved accident or injuries. I had completed probation for first DUI when arrested for second. I paid all fines and finished classes/community service and not been in any other incidents since second dui. what are my chances of getting probation dropped early and record cleared? Thank you-
So long as you pay ALL your fines and fees and do all aspects of your punishment, you may request for early termination...
I got pulled over last night he gave me DUI without alcohol test, no driver license take away, no ticket. what should I do?
Got pulled over but cop didn't alcohol test me No take driver license take away, no ticket "He just said I smell your breath with alcohol, he said I have to give me a DUI" and I live two blocks away where I got pulled over, he told me to walked home pick up the car in the morning. "It is possible to get DUI without no ticket and no alcohol test and no take driver license away?"
Something is amiss here. Something is seriously amiss. Did he give you a ticket/citation of any kind listing court...
Bench warrant for FTA 1st DUI offense pay bail or booked in jail. How can avoid being booked in jail?
Never been in trouble wrecked my parents car, no one else involved booked in jail for DUI released with no bail. Had DMV hearing asked when I would receive court date was told I would receive in mail and did not realize I had the court appearance document when I was released from jail, until I received bench warrant and looked again through my paper work. How do I avoid being booked in jail?
Simply hire a good attorney. That attorney can appear with you and have the bench warrant recalled. At that point,...
I have two DUI convictions--both misdemeanors and both over 10 yrs. old. Will I have any problems getting into Costa Rica?
My record is clean except the 2 DUI's over 10 years old.
Never heard of misdemeanor DUI convictions keeping anyone out of any other country. I'm thinking you'd be better off...
DUI while parked on the side of the highway?
My daughter's story goes, "I pulled over to look for my phone and a cop passed by and checked on me found I have .08 drink on my system? Can you consider that as a DUI?" She has a clean driving record but Just wondering because the cop didn't pulled her over or not caught driving but parked on the side of the road. Please advise if I can contest at least the DUI charge. Thanks.
Yes, while DUI usually requires driving there is provision of the vehicle code that permits the prosecution for DUI...
Is there anyway to get a restricted or hardship driver's license in CA with three DUIs?
My son has a CA driver's license. He had first DUI is CA in April 09. Completed all fines, etc. and license was reissued. Left to go to college in Tucson, AZ. Received two (2) back to back DUIs in April and May of 2012. He graduated in May of this year and completed all AZ fines, jail, etc. CA does not accept AZ classes, so he enrolled in CA DUI classes in June 2013. Called DMV to ask about restricted license and was told yes with SR-22, Ignition Interlock, and class enrollment. Purchased used vehicle and got SR-22. Upon getting appt for Interlocks was told by company that CA DMV said he is not eligible for license until completion of 12 months of classes. No hardship license. First job out of college. Varying hours, days, and locations. HELP!
Good question. A critical needs license is what your son needs to apply for. Under Vehicle Code § § 13353.8 (anyone)...