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If my dui case is moved to diversion and ultimately dismissed will I need sr22 insurance?
The dmv suspended my license for 6 months and that time is over so to reinstate my license I was told I need to pay a fee and have an sr22 in place, however my court case is still ongoing and may result in a dismissal so do I need one? Also can I drive if my court case is still going?
Um, not only do you need an SR-22, but you need a lawyer! If the DMV suspended your license, you cannot drive just...
Does a military dui follow me after i seperate from the military
on active duty, and got a base dui, does that follow me out into the civilian world
Depends. Did they actually prosecute you Federally, or did they do an informal administrative punishment at the base?...
What are possible consequences for civilian getting a DUI on military base
i am a civilian that got a dui on camp pendleton whats going to happen
Generally speaking, DUI's on a military base for civilians or otherwise are handled the same way a DUI is handled off a...
Drug pop in marine corp.
Im in the marine corp I'm being charged with a DUI 2 drug pops and being UA 29 days is there a chance of them keeping me because thats what I want?
Get a lawyer, either an SJA or a civvy who's well-versed in the UCMJ. The Marines don't like drugs, and you could be...
How can I get a license after 4 duis, and has been revoked for ten years in CA?
I had three duis in 1-2 yrs after my husband died. My last conviction I served a two yr sentence in prison. I now live in New Mexico and when applying for my license, and passing written and driving tests, dmv in NM said I had to clear my CA record. Isnt it dropped after ten years?
If your license is revoked for 10 years in CA, you'll need to apply for one again in 2028. Before then, complete an 18-...
Can you get a dui after a car accident ?
Met up with her friends for a get-together I had a few drinks. On my way home a man A crossed the street I swerved to avoid hitting him.crashed into a ditch police and emergency service came The police officer ask what happened and I told the my story. No no breathalyzer or tests were done the police officers gave me back my license back and was sent to the ER. When I arrived I did see one of the officers there. But the officers did not ask me further question and gave me the towing company info were my car was at.
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Can you get a dui after a single car accident ?
I was driving home after a get together with a few friends. On the way home a man ran across the street I surwived out of the way to avoid hitting him. I spin out and land in a ditch. Cops and emergency services came out I was sent to the ER. The cop did not give me any test and also he gave me back my license back. When I did arrived to the ER I did see one of the officers there but no further question was asked. He gave me the info of the towning company and that was that.
It is very difficult to prosecute a DUI case without a chemical test unless you refused to provide a test, in which...