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How likely would it be for my boyfriend to get Accelerated Rehabilative Dispistion for a first time offense DUI?
My fiancé received a DUI with a .26 BAC level. I researched it and know that this is the highest tier for Pennsylvania drivers. I'm wondering how likely it would be for him to get ARD. He had two summary offenses back in 2011. Other than that he has no prior arrests. No one was harmed nor were there any minors in the car. He will be getting a lawyer
He has a chance. Dauphin county is the main courthouse for Camp Hill. It depends on what the summaries are for.
How much jail time can I expect for my husband?
My husband received a DUI with the highest BAC and had our 3 kids in the car with him; ages 5, 8, & 11. This is his first DUI; however, not his first offense.
He will be charged with a First Degree Misdemeanor DUI which is punishable by up to 5 years in jail. IF convicted,...
How long must I wait before I can purchase a firearm after being on probation for 2 general impairment dui's.
I was charged with 2 general impairment dui's. I wasn't allowed to have any guns in the home while on probation. Now that I'm not in probation anymore, how long must I wait before I can purchase a firearm?
You cannot have a license to carry didn't think you could own as well not sure on that
I hit a telephone pole and came home over an hour later cops came to my house refuse blood test what can happen
I hit a telephone pole and I came home afterwards after parking my car kinda by there in a Walmart parking lot, a couple hours later police came to my house they kept asking to take a blood test, I had told them no, then I was taken to jail for old ones what has to go on for them to charge me with DUI, he he told me a couple times refusal to take the test means an automatic your license suspension I told him that was fine because I was not drinking at all, I had a DUI 15 years ago and a second one seven years ago what difference does that make
possibilities: 1. license suspension 2. criminal charges filed 3. hire Attorney asap1
Birchfield DUI question
I was recently charged with a 3rd tier DUI. The initial stop was for high beams. The arrest report mentions that I smelled of alcohol but doesn't mention swerving, slurred speech, blood shot eyes etc. I was in control. However, I did (stupidly!) mention that I might have had too many. I also can show a bar tab that shows an amount of beer that combined with my body weight, time elapsed, etc would put me under .08. I can produce a bank statement which shows that it was the only place that I was at that night. If the results of the blood test are thrown out they would have no choice but to charge me with general impairment? It's easy to prove that I drank that night which I would freely admit, but it seems to me that proving in front of a jury that I was over .08 that night might be difficult. Would I have a shot at challenging if the charge gets reduced? Thanks
"If" the charges get reduced to general impairment then you certainly have a good case. The issue is whether Birchfield...
Will i be accepted into ard in pa
Im going through the PA ARD program for first time offenders. It requires 40 hours community service and a drug and alcohol evaluation. Im 90% sure my drug and alcohol urinary screen will come back positive for THC. Will this keep me out of tje program?
It may indeed cause a problem. I suggest you contact adult probation and, anonymously, ask them if such will be an...
Would it be likely for a prosecutor to decide to completely drop a DUI charge during plea negotiations?
If there are multiple DUI charges pending at the same time, is it unheard of for 1 of the DUIS to be completely dropped during negotiations?
Not unheard of but extremely unlikely. Unless there was a reason one of the cases was problematic. They wouldnt have...